Friday, April 9, 2010

Bike is shipped!

The bike is on its way to New Orleans! Fedex is great. Should arrive by Wednesday to my hotel.

My rear tire was looking a bit worn and had a nice flat section down the middle, and was having an awesome deal on conti's, so I bought 2 new GP 4000 tires. A new tire went onto the back.

Here I will show you what it looks like to pack your bike up into a bike box for shipping.


The guts of the bike. Only had to remove the seat, bars, pedals, and rear derailleur. Made sure to mark where the seat height and handlebar angles/positions were!

Another layer of foam, and then the wheels. Skewers removed.


Of course wheeling that case which is 48" X 30" X 10" and 55 lbs always attracts attention when wheeling it down to the street to Fedex. I love this box. Its been to Europe twice and I swear you could drop it off of a cliff and the contents would be fine. Not gonna test that theory out....

I have a 30-ish miler on the bike on Saturday, then a final 4 mile race down in Central Park to tune up the legs with some speed, then its drop off the cliff till next weekned. I will be on a plane in a week heading towards the land of Gumbo and beignets!


  1. So you are racing Central Park on Sunday. I'm not registered yet but I think I'm going to go. Maybe we will catch up at this one.

  2. Oh. Also I'd make sure to get a few miles in on that new tire before race day. If the tube isn't set right... I'd hate to hear that you had to fix a flat within sight of the bike start.
    (I've seen it done at many races)

  3. I have been on a serious mission to understand my bike (as in gearing and taking it apart and putting it back together), I hope it is easier than it looks.

    I didn't see the race course on the NYRR site. If I get out of swimming in time in the morning on Sunday, I'll head over to the race. Start time 8 AM?

  4. Wow..that is so crazy! I'm not signed up for any out of state tris, but when I do I'll have to look into getting one of those cases.

  5. Hi little bro,
    That is one nice looking bike:) It is so amazing how that all packs up so nice and fits into a special box!! Have a great weekend Jon!

  6. I think I would have major problems getting my bike back together! Good Luck in New Orleans

  7. you make it seem so easy! Do love that case ... I booked marked your earlier post about it so
    i can buy one when needed!

  8. Geez, you are braver than me. I don't know if I could get it all back together and actually functional. Good luck in New Orleans.

  9. Wow, you make that look easy! I know if I ever try to ship my bike I'd spend 3 hours taking it apart and wouldn't even consider putting it back together!
    Wow I'm so excited the race is soon!


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