Friday, April 27, 2012

An Opportunity I Might Regret Not Taking...

Thanks to Matty-O on Twitter this morning and Jason @ CookEatTrainRace, I learned about the transformation of Ironman St. George to Ironman St. George 70.3 taking place for 2013.

Slowtwitch wrote up a great report on the matter HERE.

Basically the popularity and finisher rate of IMSG was diminishing since its inception, and the powers that be @ WTC thought best to shorten the race to a 70.3 to make it more appealing (and most likely more profitable).

I am sure some folks think this is disgusting, or wimpy (and I totally agree with you if you are in that boat!) but as for someone who lives in the Northeast and just doesn't see early May as a viable time to race a full Ironman, I am welcoming the change of this race with open arms.

While it is possible to train for an early May Ironman while living in the Northeast, it won't be fun, and that is one of the reasons why I do triathlon and Ironman, because its fun. This is also why my A+++ race is usually in August.

In fact, I was looking for a Western 70.3 race to do for this early season, but there is a huge dearth of them currently, other than California 70.3 or Superfrog (are there others?), but San Diego isn't a venue I want to travel to.

St. George, Utah? Lemme explain visually:


Screw racing, I just want to VISIT this area. Bryce Canyon? Zion National Park? Grand Canyon? Just to name a few...

I was chatting with a coworker born and raised in Utah and I said, "I could spend months out there in that area." His response? "Try a lifetime."

So already the screws are turning for 2013, even though I said, "NO MORE RACE PLANS TILL AFTER MONT TREMBLANT!"

Well, I already broke that when I said I wanted to kill the 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon again this Fall.

Why not an early season 70.3 out west and turn it into a race-cation?


  1. What? Are you scared to come to Ohio for an early 70.3??

    Its actually 4 races, 3 days, 140.6 total miles

    1. No offense, but I like peaks ;)

  2. I've heard nothing but good about the area. In fact, I have heard (by more than one person) that Zion >>>> Grand Canyon.

    Totally agree about a 70.3 being a better option for an early season race. IMSG was never on my radar until now. Probably not 2013, but maybe someday.

  3. Screw all you guys. They could have changed it AFTER next year. It beyond pisses me off because this is the only race I actually wanted to do. OR AT LEAST say hey, this might be the last year we do the full... BEFORE I have committed to another race the same freaking day this year!

    They are all no talent ass clowns at WTC. I hope they all shove their thumbs up their asses and sit on them!!!

    I may never race the 70.3 just to spite them!!!!!!

  4. IMSG was never on my list as living in central Canada, the ice isn't even off the lakes by the first of May (often we still have snow!). As a 70.3 though... wow that area is beautiful. It is now something I would consider.

    I do understand the upset of all the folks who wanted to do the full distance though.

  5. Vineman is an awesome California 70.3 or 140.6, not with the M-Dot logo of course, but I'v heard it is great! Both are in July.

  6. Man, it is so amazing out there! It is a totally different kind of beauty. I think St. George needs to go on the calendar for next year!!!

  7. This would fit your training perfectly as you like to get in the early spring 70.3's.

    I am thinking of doing IMTX again next spring so this may have to wait a couple more years.

  8. Ohhhh, I love this news. I really enjoy doing a 70.3 early in the season, I even like the timing of New Orleans despite the inevitable 4 hour trainer ride involved. I have been dying to visit this part of the country so perhaps this will be my debut back into the sport. Time to line up my 2013 season :)

  9. Utah is honestly amazing! You could spend so much time here exploring. Race-Cation for sure:)


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