Monday, April 9, 2012

Scotland Run 10K Race Report

On Saturday I ran the Scotland Run 10K down in Central Park. The race didn't go as expected, but was still another success AND! PR. Finished in 41:34, for a 1:47 PR for the distance.

Like I always do for 10K's or shorter, I go out hard and hang on for dear life. Unfortunately my life ended at mile 3.5 when I finally popped and my speed evaporated.

Oh well. Not the end of the world! I hit mile 3 at 19 flat again, so it was another sub 20 min 5K performance (which is ALWAYS nice!).. But those Harlem hills just did me in. Here are the splits:

Mile 1: 6:01
Mile 2: 6:22
Mile 3: 6:34
Mile 4: 7:10
Mile 5: 6:55
Mile 6: 6:55
Last 0.2: 1:35

After my body gave out at mile 3.5 I realized that sub 40 was out of the question for the day, but at least I could still PR the distance, and PR it well. So I just tempo-ed it in for miles 5 and 6 and actually felt GREAT holding sub 7's. It almost felt effortless even though there was no more sprint left in me. Strange.

Not gonna dwell on the why's of "Why didn't I go sub 40?!? MY LIFE IS OVER!!!" It just wasn't my day.

But! I still PR-ed it!!! That's still a good day!

Ok, I feel better.

Till next time 10K!

Which now I have 3 goals for the Fall, all running related. I want to A) Officially break 20 mins in the 5K (like have an actual official time stamp for the distance). B) Break 1:30 in the half marathon and C) Go sub 40 for the 10K.

I think all three distances will compliment each other in training.

But until then, its time to focus on triathlon only for the next 4.5 months. I have a 70.3 to do in a month!


  1. Congrats on the PR! I love how you speedy people seem disappointed with sub-7 min miles. I know it is all about perspective, but those times look AWESOME to me.

  2. Wow, nice time! i'd be happy with that time

  3. You are on a roll! Great job on your PR!

  4. Congrats on your 10K PR! That's always a hard course to run!
    Mile 4 just kills and it's hard to be patient.
    You did well, holding sub-7s for Miles 5 & 6. Nice job!

  5. "Official" PRs are overrated.

    And look at the bright side, now you get 2 PRs out of it by PR-ing Saturday and then again when you break 40.

  6. Looks like you got your speed back the last two miles. Good job on the PR

  7. Bagels. You didn't mention bagels! We're no longer friends.

  8. Seriously, how can you go into NY and NOT talk about the bagels. *sigh* Focusing on all the wrong things.

    1. I couldn't agree more with Amy and Beth. We even exchanged emails about the bagels. Had somebody held up a sign that said 'Last Everything Bagel' you would have broken 40 minutes.

      Get that sign for later in the year.

  9. 10K's are really hard to pace correctly and even being the slightest bit too fast or slow (see mile 1 & mile 2) can F it all up. Still one hell of a run and congrats on nailing another PR.

    Now it is time to drop the running down to like 20-25mpw and spend all our waking hours in the saddle!

  10. Nice work on the PR! a 6:01 first mile is cooking! That kind of pace will get a sub 20 5K for sure! Heck, you might have gone sub 20 5K on the first half of your race, lol When you do another 10K you'll probably have more even splits.

  11. you "popped" - would have like to have seen that!

    another PR - ur on fire ...
    excellent goals love it

  12. Man, it was a heck of a race even if you didn't get sub-40! That's a smokin' average! Great work! You've got that sub-20 5k in the bag if you ever want to make it official! Keep it going!

  13. Congrats on the PR! I always wondered after a race if I could have ran faster by not killing myself in the first few miles. But every time I toed the line... Just couldn't make myself not-die.

  14. Well freaking done buddy! A PR is a PR even if it wasn't quite your goal. Next time, next time...

  15. Go Speed Racer GO!!!!!

    Nice work man. Feels good to get the PRs!

  16. Congrats on the PR! If post-Ironman fitness has helped you improve this much, I have no doubt that post-2nd Ironman fitness will get you to all of your fall running goals.


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