Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Seriously? I EAT RIBS!!!

I had a pretty successful weekend of training. 5 Hours of 7700+ feet of climbing out on Skyline drive with my favorite DC Blogger followed by a decent (but hot!) 90 min run the next day, running AT midday. Yes, running in the heat still sucks...

But anyways!

Sunday night I had an accident. My face looks like I was abused, but really, I just simply slipped while getting into the shower and landed on my right side, right on my rib cage. At first I just got the wind knocked out of me and my pride was pretty torn up, but otherwise, I figure I would just be sore for a few hours.


Sunday night I slept some, and Monday it hurt to breath sometimes, and with work heating up so much and working OT, I just took Monday off, figuring I could pick it back up on Tuesday.


90 seconds into my run Tues AM, it just hurt too bad. No big deal. I will just have a nice and easy ride in the evening.


15 mins later, I am wincing in pain everytime I have to push lots of pressure down on the pedals. And my ribs hurt worse than before the ride.


This is one of those injuries that I call "Stupid Injuries" because its like stubbing your toe on the door or hitting your head on something, or FALLING IN THE SHOWER. It hurts, yet it lingers, but lingers in such a way it prevents you from training even though your joints and muscles are 100% fine.

It also prevents you from laughing.



Even gchatting seems to make them hurt, especially when someone cracks a joke.......on gchat. REALLY?!?!

Coach's orders: Buy a rubber bath mat and a hand rail. He also asked me, "Are you 80?"

Yes, he had to bust my chops. Thanks coach! That hurt from laughing as well...


  1. I am going to find the funniest meme pictures on the internet and send you links.

    But get better soon.

  2. Pics or it didn't happen.

    "stubbing your toe on the door" <--- I hope this wasn't a dig at me... haha

    And just to be an ass....

    Two cargo ships collided head-on in the middle of the South Pacific. The cargo of the eastbound ship contained machine parts, hand tools and 135,000 gallons of red paint. The westbound ship was loaded with computer parts, electronic testers and 37,000 gallons of brown paint. Thanks to superior survival training, not a man or officer was lost, even though both ships split apart and sank to the bottom.

    The question is, what happened to the survivors before their rescue three days later?

    The answer: They were all "marooned"!

    :) Hope you heal up quickly!

  3. A guy walks into a bar and says, "ow!"

    You're welcome.

  4. Eh, don't feel like a oldie. I almost slipped last night in the shower and thought, "Man, that could have been bad!" I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Lucky you don't need a new hip, grandpa!

  6. http://www.arwholesale.com/product-60x30x37ss.php

    Your welcome

  7. Oh no! This sucks! I hope you feel better soon

  8. Sunday night I had an accident. That's one way to put it!

  9. Seriously... who falls in the shower? I mean, I have done A LOT of stupid shit, but never managed to pull this one off.

    My hat goes off to you sir, for one upping me on the dumbass meter haha!

    Heal up fast man, that is a tough one to deal with.

  10. i had a friend in college who fell in the shower and ended up needing knee surgery. hahaha. guess i shouldn't laugh...

  11. Damn dude.....first the knee and now the ribs. Are the knee bones connected to the rib bones? I forget how that song goes......

    Between your coach's joke and Katie's coach's joke I can't stop laughing......

    Get well soon. Wear a flak jacket into the shower next time....Tebow has one you can borrow his.

  12. You must have a baller shower to be able to fall and land fully spread out on your side/ribs... if I fell in my shower I'd hit my face, but there's not space for much else.

    If your ribs hurt laughing, you should not watch this: http://youtu.be/0ivX8kjlCfc

  13. Stupid injury week for me too... fell off my shoes and bone bruised my knee! Get better fast and glad to read your injury came at a good time. LOL If there ever is really a good time!


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