Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bring Unto Thee Long (And Hilly!) Rides

On Easter Sunday I prayed, and I prayed hard for 4.5 hours, that is, on my bike climbing some notorious hills up in northern Connecticut.

See, riding for three hours is whatever. Riding for 4 hours is, "Ok, this is getting longer." Riding for 4.5 hours is, "Wait, this is pretty long." But 4.5 hours of unrelenting hills is, "Ok, this is serious shit!"

Matty-O, Kevin, Jeff, you know what to say....

What a ride that was! AND!!! My deraileur broke, AGAIN! The bike is back in the shop as we speak getting a full tune up anyways, including new chain, rear cassette and new tires. Poor bike has been getting quite the abuse lately.

Fortunately, it broke again at the right spot, with 30 mins left, where I could just big ring it back.

Here was the loop's elevation, that I did twice, finishing with just over 76 miles for the day.

After the ride it was food time with the family. We had the traditional Campbell meal of Harrington Spiral Ham, Baked Mac & Cheese, Sweet Potato Casserole, Chardonnay (btw, don't ever drink "Good Chardonay" from Italy. It is quite bad), Salad and Rolls (no green beans or asparagus. Someone forgot it....).

My mom made crepes for dessert. SO GOOD!

This ride is just a warm up for what is to come. This weekend is gonna be another doozy, but harder and longer. (anyone? anyone?)

I'll let you guess where this is:


  1. Great ride! I have no idea where you are going but I hope you have a great time!

  2. Crepes....MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Love me some crepes.

  3. Hrmph. No one fed me an awesome meal after my long ride this weekend. Next time I'm crashing yours!

  4. Hills are my BFF right now as well. See you out there...

  5. Have fun on Skyline. Don't get eaten by a bear.

  6. Nice work on the solid HILLS ride. You've got to stop hammering it while you shift or you'll keep breaking that derailleur! :) Is that last graph from IMMT?

  7. On your computrainer?

    We are riding the IMTX course this weekend, all 112mi of it. Total elevation is like 1800ft.

  8. What am I supposed to say??? Oh, I guess Beth beat me to it.

    Those hills look like boobs.

    Now go easy on your deraileur. You aren't going to want to be stuck in the big ring at IMMT.


  9. I never though I'd say this because I'm a 100% ultra runner with no other sport at this time...but my wife may have other ideas and plans for me. I might even be doing some long rides myself! Not sure what to say about it yet...

  10. What the fuck?! How the hell are you breaking that thing? Was it covered under warranty?

    That is nuts man.

    As for your route, pretty fucking jealous. I have nothing that close in elevation by me and I desperately need it for Wild Flower haha.

    Great job man.

  11. That looks like the Grand F'N Canyon to me. Either way it is going to be great for HIMMT and IMMT.

    Is this the same deraileur that keeps breaking ot have you had it replaced and this one is breaking now too?


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