Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Call me a creature of habit, but if I don't do something every day, I become the crankiest and moodiest A-Hole you will ever meet. So I ran to the track this morning to test out my legs with a little bit of speed. This is run #3 since Placid.

I got to the track around 6:45 and it was infested with......


OMG they were everywhere! Scattered across every running lane, two, sometimes three abreast just marching slowly along looking for, I don't know, brains?

I had to zig-zag through them like crazy trying to find a clear lane for at least 100 meters and each time I would pass one, they would quickly look at me, probably smelling my human flesh. Good thing I was faster than them!

When do the zombies emerge? I figured 6:45 would be way too early for them. Perhaps I need to go at dusk?

Zombies? Well, they really aren't that bad, until I saw the damn hippies wearing the vibram 5 fingers*!

 *I know some of you wear them. I am not making fun of you! Just the hippies.

Happy Training!


  1. zombies = boot campers? Or are you still hallucinating?

  2. With the heat here in Texas, 6:45am is a late start. Heck, it's approaching 90 degrees by then!

  3. ha ha ZOMBIES!! Caratunk has those, but it is just drunk/hungover raft guides trying to get back to their cars so they can get to work on time.

  4. My track day started at 445am this morning. The only zombies were my friends and me. However we were not like the George Romero Zombies, all slow and stuff. We are more like the futuristic, fast moving zombies. But since it was 445am we all had zero brain function occurring, so zombies we were.

  5. Ha ha...this totally cracked me up! it!

  6. Oh yes, here too. The track is packed with them.

  7. My pet peeve at the track is people walking in lane 1. It's not for walking, and if you're just walking do you really need the inside lane? Lane 5 isn't good enough? I won't even do my warm up in lane 1 when I'm the only person at the track.

    And what amazes me is the people who don't move over when people do speed work in lane 1. They actually expect those people to go around them while they walk at 3 mph.

  8. Zombies AND Hippies...dangerous combination of brainlessness.

  9. Alot of zombie talk going on in the world, I briefly caught a teaser on the news about a zombie story airing on the 11pm news, thats too late for me, I guess I am just going to realy on out biking them to survive


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