Monday, August 8, 2011

The Weekend Wrap Up

I am slowly settling back into reality. Lake Placid was 2 weeks ago? Me volunteering over a year ago seems less far away than the actual race! Strange...

Because I have the NYC Marathon in exactly 12 weeks, I can't tie myself up to a pole and become tenderized meat yet, so I still need to keep trucking.

On Saturday I did my longest run yet since Placid, a 75 min easy run. Well 20 minutes into the run I finally woke up and realized I was pushing a low 8 min pace. I haven't felt this light and fast during a run in about 2 or 3 months, so I just went with it. This turned out to be a test of how recovered I am. I think an 8:08 pace (for me) is a confirmation of full recovery, especially in gross fumid conditions.

Sunday I just rode for 90 minutes naked. What a chafe! No seriously, my Garmin decided to freeze and crap out of me NO JOKE 90 seconds before I started my ride. What? How? Gggrrrr.....

Still turned out to be a great ride. Legs were smooth and I mashed it up a few hills. For you future Ironman, just wait for 2 weeks post race. All of that fatigue will be gone and you are gonna feel like SUPERMAN!

With all of this spare time I now have, I am getting back into another hobby of mine (wait, is Triathlon a hobby anymore?) which is brewing beer. Yep! Making aLk-Ee-hAuL.

5 gallons of pure wonderfullness!

Finally, I am going to leave you with parts of a letter from my step grandfather. Mind you he is 85 and from a MUCH different generation that most of us. He means well and has a lot of good stuff to say, but his misunderstanding of our endurance lifestyle really cracks me up and most importantly, makes me feel PROUD. Here are a few excerpts of a letter he wrote to the entire family:

"Congratulations! - Jon - And let's not do that again any time soon. It distresses family noticeably."

" head for Lake Placid to join family rooting for Jon in the Ironman torture to which he subjected himself on Sunday. No word yet on how he survived."

"The total Campbell family was at Lake Placid, NY for a long weekend to cheer Jon on his quest for whatever one quests after under such tortuous requirements of endurance. Best him, not me."

My reaction? The grin on my face right now tells all. I like the "his quest for whatever one quests after under such tortuous requirements of endurance." part. That's good stuff! Might need to reuse that! haha!

Stay tuned for my next post that entails the rest of my 201Ironman season!


  1. Hah! Love the Grandpa notes! My legs felt AWESOME today on the bike - yay for recovery!!

  2. GARMINS! their customer service was totally awesome for me last month mine froze completely

    "best him not me" haha

    nice work plowing through with training and workouts - i cant find it!


  3. My grandpa is the same way. He just doesn't understand!

  4. You future wife Chrissie has said over and over again that you need a matra and take that matra and tape it to your water bottles, your bike, you fridge, write it on your arm at a race, and serious, "his quest for whatever one quests after under such tortuous requirements of endurance." is just freaking solid and awesome, what makes it even sweeter, its from your grandfather, not a pro, not an ag'er, not some politcian, or celebrity, but your own blood line. That is priceless in my opinion.

  5. Oh your grandpa is funny!!

    My parents think I'm crazy. So do my kids. My husband thought so too - until he tried it too, and he's now more hardcore than me. :)

    It's addictive!

  6. HAHA! That torturous comment is seriously priceless!!!! Sorry we missed the ride, but OMG, fumid would have been an understatement. I did all indoor workouts instead and don't regret it. I'm so sick of this sticky, disgusting madness.

  7. Completely sucks about the Garmin. Glad you were able to still make it a great ride.

  8. OMG I love the grandpa notes! Hilarious!

    Also I like BDD's idea of using that as your new mantra!

  9. That note is cute! You should bottle some of that beer up and send it my way, I'm thirsty!

  10. you ARE recovered! I am getting there but far from superwoman status yet!

  11. damn, good splits man. Feels good to relieve some of your schedule I bet and have "time" again haha. Heather is getting PISSED at me for our yard, looks HORRIBLE.

    Oh well, one more month.

    Keep up the good work man, running is amazing when it clicks, there will be those tough days still, don't fret over them at all.

    Love Grandpa's words, puts it into "normal" people's perspective huh? :)

    Suddenly I am awfully thirsty :) MMMMMMMMM BEEEEEERRRRRRRR

  12. bahahahahah. love the letter.

  13. Good work on the running and riding. It sounds like you've got the old body back and haven't lost a step. 12 weeks till marathon. You're the man! Keep up the good work.

  14. Glad to hear you're feeling great on the run and bike! To me, it sounds like your grandpa understands perfectly - it's just a matter of perspective.


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