Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Part 4: The Aftermath. Some Celebration! And Some Reflection...

The next morning I woke up early. My clock was still on "crack of stupid time" and I immediately felt the pain. I can only describe it as best as this tweet:

My legs just felt stupid and sitting up or standing down was ridiculous! I felt like a 90 year old!

But then I saw all of my finisher's swag and IT. WAS. WORTH. IT!

Unfortunately everyone was leaving Monday morning, but as they were packing and leaving, my blogger friend, Alexa came over for her promised cupcake.

We later joked that I lured her over to a stranger's house she met on the internet with the promise of cupcakes. I am also known as her "creepy stalker" blogger friend. Makes sense right? It was nice meeting her in person finally.

A few nights before at the welcome dinner, I met fellow blogger Annie @ Paris Mountain Stridin and her husband, Jeff. She mentioned that she wanted to "throw down" Monday night. Oh heck yeah! Jill @ Simply Tri and her boyfriend, Simon, joined us and we all had a great time swapping war stories and reminiscing about our special day. Aaaannnnd realizing the word "TOMAHAWK" will forever be a funny word, right Jill?

Me, Annie, Jill

And what is even cooler! We all bought the same finishers jackets!

And we continued to have a great time over some WELL deserved beers!

Yes, blogging buddies FREAKING. ROCK!

So that is it! Took me only 4 posts to explain it all, but I hope I gave some of you IronVirgins some helpful info on what to do, and especially what not to do. If there is one thing I would say, it is to make sure you are balanced on your electrolytes throughout the ENTIRE duration of the race.

Now for some reflection....
Lake Placid is a GREAT race and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The town is an excellent (but a tad bit expensive for lodging) venue. Everything you need is here and the community and atmosphere is IronCrack on roids!

If trained, the course isn't terribly hard, but it still is a nice challenge with awesome views. Mentally the run course is easy. I never once felt like I needed an extra aid station.

Now for the serious stuff....
Did this race change my life? No. Not even close. Triathlon changed my life.
Was is it the hardest thing I have ever done? Maybe? There were lots of moments of suckage, but I never once felt like I wouldn't finish. I definitely hated life and the sport at miles 18+, but crossing the finish line erased everything.
Was using a coach a good idea? OH YEAH!
Was knowing the course a good idea? OH YEAH!
Was involving family into race week a good idea? OH YEAH!
Do all of you bloggers rock? OH HELL YEAH!


  1. It was so fun watching your season and how you freaking rocked it. Congrats Jon!!!

  2. I imagine that throwing down after an IM really means like 2 beers? I can barely make it through 1 after a marathon. Thanks for the great recap!

  3. WOOOOOO! Best post-race party ever! I'm glad you recapped Monday night....cause this chick doesn't remember!!

  4. Jon - this was a great series and I have learned so much and can't wait to apply it all over the next bunch of months and test it out on May 19th.

    I'm afraid about the beer consumption after IMTX though. After the HIMCA I drank an entire pitcher in about 5 minutes and did not feel a thing (maybe I was dehydrated and needed the water since it was Coors Light)

  5. You are so freaking awesome. I've read your recaps 3 times each. It makes me want to train for an IM so badly! I should probably start with a sprint first.


  6. You are lucky that Alexa showed up and not Chris Hansen. haha

    Finisher's swag... *drool*

  7. HAHAHAHA At Kevin. Love it.

    Yeah... honestly, this was an awesome recap and GREAT 4 part series.

    Thanks for sharing man!

  8. 6 months of training and sacrifice seem worth it for a fun finisher's party and creepy luring-strange-women-to-your-house-with-cupcakes-ing. Nice :)

  9. so sad i missed the aftermath! but believe me, i've had my own similar experiences with alcohol consumption in the past few days. i like your "ironman didn't change my life, triathlons changed my life!" true dat, you creepy blog stalker.

  10. "....but I never once felt like I wouldn't finish." This is why you freaking rocked it! Congrats again!

  11. Whoa! Having a hard time processing this jacket wearing thing? lol

    Awesome recap Jon! And in 12 months time we all get to go do it again!

  12. total IronCrack!
    nice work on that beer with the empty glass!

    and great jacket:)

    also like the Triathlon changed my life comment - so very true


  13. Awesome!
    I love how you all had the same jacket! :)

  14. i'm only doing it for the swag. I NEED THE M DOT CLOTHING!!!!

  15. Perfect and well-deserved end to IM weekend. Thanks for all the lessons learned for those of us still waiting to race :) Congrats again!

  16. Speaking of reflection...

    Just got done skimming your first year of posts out of curiosity about where you started. Are you f-ing kidding me?! You couldn't even run?! You went from not being able to run a measely 5k to a Fucking Ironman (tm) in less than four years? That's crazy. Most people seem to be natural duathletes who have to teach themselves to swim. You're the first I've come across who could do everything but run.

    That puts your finish time in a whole other light, huh? Also gives me hope that maybe if I swim a lot and often I won't always glide like a cinder block.


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