Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rounding out 2011: Whats left?

Normally my triathlon season ends at the end of either September or August.

This year? The end of July! What do I do with myself for the next 4-5 months?!?!? (get fat?)

Fortunately I got an "in" to the NYC Marathon a few seasons ago and put it off until now. Phew! Motivation. Also, holy crap my first stand alone Marathon!

And I will let you in on a little secret: I HAVE NO CORE!

So marathon and no core? What does that mean?

Run focus and strength training! Sayonara pool and bike! (Well, not completely, but it will def be taking a back seat to recovery and XTraining)

Running a 4:34 for my first "Marathon" at IM Lake Placid is fine. Really, its fine! I swear! Don't believe me? You should! Why don't you believe me? I told you it was fine!

OK FINE! I want some fricking revenge and I am NOT satisfied. THERE! I said it...Happy now?

So here goes the rest of my season.

First, strength training:

I drank the Kool Aid and spent way too much money on some nylon bands I prolly could have bought at Home Depot for $5. I went with TRX. It is simple and can work anymore, especially with the door attachment. Also, I don't want to get huge. I just want to get toned.

The downside to strength training is that it can get repetitive quick, like swimming in the pool. SO! To spice things up further, I have three different strength training routines now: #1: TRX. #2: Kettlebells (aka another form of OUCH) and #3: Your standard free weights on a bench circuit. I hope to strength train 3 times a week (because it is different and I like different) and do each routine once a week.

#1 goal for strength training? DON'T GET HUGE! Stay lean. Stay lean.

As for running, I am keeping the racing to a minimum again and focusing on some key races.

Sept 17th, NYRR Fitness Body and Mind 4 Miler. Why? I haven't ran "fast" since June 5th when I had the race of my life at Tri Ridgefield. This will be my first "speed" running race since March and will be a good "break in" race for me. (are you loving me quoting everything?)

Oct 1st, NYRR Greta's Great Gallop Half Marathon. Why? This will be my first "long" distance running race since March and my first stand alone Half Marathon in 18 months. Yes! 18 months! (done plenty in HIM's during that same period) I have a Half Marathon PR of 1:45:xx and its time that this baby goes DOWN.

Nov 6th, NYC Marathon. Why? Because this is the goal!

And from Nov 6th until January 2nd, I am getting fat! :)


  1. Awesome plan man. My two cents though... don't get huge. I have raced all different distances at all different weights and body sizes haha. By far, easiest to run "fit" and "skinny". You will get the best results that way.

    So I would do more reps and lighter weights on the free weights. TRX is all body weight stuff so you are good there.

    Another note, the bigger you are (muscle wise) the more you will chaffe.

    If you are looking for speed, incorporate plyometrics in your training. I had the best time improvement following P90X's routines getting PRs in every distance except a 5k and 1 mile.

    Can't wait to follow the journey! Good luck man.

  2. you have no core? but what holds in the beer?

  3. Don't get too fat. Then you will have to start at the beginning again of base training (you already know that.)

  4. It's not called "fat". It is just a "winter coat".

    You know what would be a great 4th workout??? Yoga. haha. Sorry, had to throw that in there :-P

  5. Good plan! You and me are pretty much doing the same thing. If u have the kettle ball workout on paper could you email it my way?

    My body really took to the getting fat thing after IM. Sometimes it is okay to let yourself get a little soft ... You will comeback even stronger!

  6. Are you really trying to compare a stand alone mary with one after 112 miles on a hilly bike ride?

    Kevin is right, its called a winter coat

  7. I love TRX! I've been thinking about purchasing the system but I don't know if mounting them is an option at our house.

  8. Looks like a good plan! You are going to crush that marathon time from Lake Placid. And, as I say every time someone posts about this kind of stuff, I really need to do strength training and core work.

  9. Sounds like a good plan. Your rant about the 4:34 marathon time sounds a bit like my 9yr old when I ask him if he's going to train today and he's already busy with Lego's.

  10. I'm adding in strength training now too! I think it's a fun change from IM training. I would also like to not get 'uge.

    You're going to kick ass all over your races this fall. I can't wait.

  11. Sounds like a great rest of the year! You're going to do awesome in those running races!!
    I have the TRX and love it!!!

  12. Strength training is AWESOME. But lift the heavy weights! Unless you drastically alter your diet and pump steroids, it's not going to bulk you up. There's really no need to be "careful" about not bulking up...teenage football players across America *wish* that this was a problem.

    Besides, who doesn't feel badass benching their own weight or squatting 200+?

  13. It looks like "you" have a whole plan "for" what to do next! TRX is.... challenging. That's for sure. And based on your shitty (hee!) non-stand "alone" marathon time you will be crushing some far sub 1:40/ sub 3:30 marathons in the near future.

  14. What perfect months to get fat! Holiday Party on :D

    I really need to try TRX! Everyone seems to love it!

  15. I could seriously see you shaving an hour or more off of your marathon time at NYC!

  16. I love how us athletes say that we are going to get fat Nov - Feb, but really, we're all going to continue working out... we're nuts.

  17. too late for me
    already fat!

    TRX looks awesome
    nice schedule!

  18. What's left to conquer? One word: Ko-na. Ko-na. Ko-na. Okay, three words. Fine. Here's another one: Rhymes with Austin. Dangit! I gotta learn to count.

    Whatever you do, don't join a CrossFit gym. I've seen people disappear into the CultFit world and never return. I think it's something they put in the almond butter. Or maybe it's the Kool-Aid.

  19. Yeah I have to start doing shit again. I have been a SLUG. I want TRX but just can't drop that kind of $ Nice plan though. I think I am doing a HIM in Sept But I need to get on my bike at some point first.

  20. Ok, question answered. My coach has had me doing TRX for months....I love it.


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