Monday, August 15, 2011

The Weekend Wrap Up

Trying to find a theme for this past weekend. Relaxing?

Friday night after work I hit up the gym @ work for my first Kettlebells workout.
not me, sorry! (source)
I only use a 15 pound weight, which really isn't that heavy. If you have never done a Kettlebell workout before, you should know that you are basically swinging that thing around for a good 30 minutes while doing nothing but squats and lunges the entire time. OUCH. Saturday I wasn't sore, but Sunday? OMG! My jaw freaking hurt! And my traps? I didn't know they existed! I am really enjoying strength training right now and I have basically replaced swimming with it. Don't worry, I'll be back in the pool........... next year eventually......

I don't know why I resisted twitter for so long? I am really kicking myself now because I prolly missed out on a bunch of opportunities like this when Amy @ WelcomeToBoston tweeted me Friday night with, "Hey, gonna be up your way this weekend, let's run!"

And a blogger run meetup commenced. 10 awesome miles later, we negative split that sucker with an uphill final 5 miles. THIS folks, is why bloggers freaking rock :)

It was also one of the best mornings we have had in a loooooooong time too. I have picture evidence to prove it!
Really cool photo Amy took from a bridge crossing the Croton Resevoir

It was AWESOME meeting Amy and its SO easy to strike a conversation with a fellow runner/blogger. Did I mention fellow runner/bloggers rock? We marveled at how small our runner/triathlete blogging community is and yet we are all spread out across the country. I think she has me convinced to do the National Half in March down in DC.

Sunday it just poured aaaaallllll day long. Not sure we have had rain like this all summer. Was supposed to ride two hours, but I just did nothing instead ;)

Since I had aaaalllllll of this time on my hands, I sat my butt down on the couch, watched Netflix,  and stalked Kevin @ IronmanByThirty and Mathew @ GoSmittyGo!!! compete at Steelhead 70.3. Unfortunately the winds were too crazy causing a duathlon. Nevertheless my blogging buddies DESTROYED that course! Visit their blogs and see how they did!

Since I was still bored, I perused the interwebz for awhile and shockingly came across a mugshot of someone I know!!!

Who knew he had a criminal record! Jeff, what the heck did you do?!?! And Annie? Did you know?


  1. Amy is my running friend, you can't have her. :p

  2. BHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I wonder what Jeffrey did

  3. It really was a great run! And in good news, my ankle is totally 100% fine. We are never talking about PT on the run again though. Never.

  4. Yes! National Half! All the cool kids are doing it :)

  5. I'm somewhat late to the Twitter party too. I can't get consistent with it... not sure why. LOL

  6. Does Annie know? She is the one who gave me that shiner and busted lip! She is a badass!

    As you can see from the size of my neck I was arrested for eating too much fried food and white bread - I have since seen the light and am 100% reformed!

    I've often wondered what a neck tattoo would look like so thanks for giving me an idea of that Jon (-:

    I think Annie took that picture (or one like that not photo-shopped) back in my P90X days. I was in front of the window blinds and I recall her saying, "This picture is awful, looks like a mugshot."

    She was obviously right in that assessment!

  7. Thanks for tracking me yesterday on my 70.3. I'll post the race report today. Like you, I LOVE meeting fellow bloggers. It's like we already know them as good friends even though we might not have ever you, Jon! Nice work on the kettleball and solid run with Amy. I was talking about Lake Placid and you just finishing that IM as I ran with different people yesterday. Way to keep moving and having more goals. You're a stud!

  8. You know how I know that picture of Jeff is a fake? 78" tall? HA! That would put him at 6'6". Try 5'6"!

    Nice job on the core workout!

    Thanks for the shout out! Hopefully the RR will be done today.

  9. HAHAHAHA Kevin totally nailed that one.

    Yeah, twitter is awesome, so easy, so simple, so quick. Somehow I still lose hours on the dang thing haha.

    Glad you got another meet up and an awesome run in! It is getting SO CLOSE to my favorite running conditions. Early fall is awesome.

    Maybe I will try kettle bells... Think I am more interested in the TRX though :)

  10. Love that photo Amy took. Poster worthy.

    Still haven't gotten on the Twitter bandwagon. Admittedly I rarely have workouts that mesh well with others.

  11. Sounds like a fun weekend! I also resisted twitter for a while but I'm so glad I finally joined. I'll pretend it has had no affect on my general proctivity though! ;)

  12. Going to be haunting your hood this weekend, Jon. Don't think I'll have any gear with me, though and besides, I am sure Amy is much better looking I mean runner than me :-)

  13. Oh my gosh... I totally laughed at that picture and then Kevin's comment got me crying! :) Yep... the height gave it away that it's definitely not Jeff! ;) Too funny!

    I've heard great things about Kettlebells, but know nothing about them. Should I learn?

  14. Kevin that is in Texas inches. America doesn't use the metric system and we don't use the America system in Texas. We would give you the formula but we know you won't be able to figure it out.

  15. I SO want to start strength training ASAP. But I am kind of waiting until after my HIM in Sept to get on it. That is my story now anyway. :)

  16. Ah, DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) I love it. Just when I think a weight session didn't make me sore, it hits me hard the 2nd day.


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