Thursday, August 4, 2011

Three Things Thursday......for the first time!

Funny, in almost 4 years of blogging I have yet to do a "Three Things Thursday." Q: Who started this trend? Well here goes!

#1) I wrote my own version of "This Little Piggy"

This little piggy went to the market
This little piggy stayed at home.
This little piggy had roast beef,
This little piggy had none.
But this big piggy ran off to the coal mines and got itself the black lung.

#2) I think my big toe is just severely bruised. Would it have fallen off by now 10 days later? Strange too because I felt it around mile 16-17 of the Marathon and yet I have done training runs up to 19 miles and never had an issue, even in the same shoes. The toe and toenail doesn't hurt anymore, fortunately.


#3) In non triathlon related news (shocker, right?), I ordered my Lefse Blonde beer ingredients from Northern Brewer. They should be showing up tomorrow! Which means I will brew on Saturday and will be watching a snowstorm of yeast particles going nuts having sex and burping up alcohol and farting out CO2 by early next week. Isn't beer brewing terminology just so elegant? I mean, flocculation and phelonics are totally more proper terms, right?


  1. Kiss that nail good bye. Welcome to the "marathon club" w/ your initiation cost of a big toe nail :)

    There is no hope for it. GONE! Trust me haha.

    As for tasty beverages, after Rev3 I plan on starting to do some home brews of my own. The beers I like are typically seasonal, so I figure if I brew my own, might be able to enjoy them year round :) I am prepared for epic fails though haha.

  2. mmmm, beer. I'll trade you some baked goods for delicious home brew!

  3. That toe nail is soon to be MIA.

    Hey are you coming to CP?

  4. i have a toe nail that looks JUST like that. can't wait for it to fall off!

    and yes, please bring me beer. i'll take it extra cold. thanks!

  5. Creative take on This Little Piggy (though you'd have to do it backwards to end on the big toe?). BTW, beer IS triathlon related news.

  6. Say goodbye to that piggy's toe...but it won't hurt one bit.

    Brewing your own beer, making your own peanut butter....what's next?

  7. Your toenail is going to become a magical piece of juju that you need to glue underneath your bike seat in order to best your current Ironman time.

    *Maybe* if you had iced it for an hour immediately after finishing the race you would have been able to head off the swelling and preserve the nail - but everyone needs some juju.

  8. When I had a toenail like that it took FOREVER to fall off. So you could be waiting for awhile.

    Good luck with the beer making!

  9. The nail looks like a goner. I'm just getting two of my nails back to fully grown from a half marathon in April. I can almost bet you that I'll lose them again in a week!

  10. Those look like marathon feet indeed! I bet your toenail will eventually fall off.

    I lost a toenail after my marathon (the index toe). It did take a long time to fall off. Make sure to let it fall off on its own, because by that time a new toenail kind of grows in underneath before the old toenail falls off. For a while I couldn't even tell that I didn't have a toenail there, it didn't look or feel much different.

  11. oooooh - come to CP! You know you want to. :)

    Um, yeah so I'm thinking you are gonna lose that bad boy. Just a guess!

  12. i had a toenail turn black that didn't fall off for over a year when i stubbed my toe. good thing is it should hurt since it's not really attached other than the scab-thingy. (yum)

  13. LOVE BEER.

    I have a purple toe too.

  14. I honestly think that Three Things Thursday was traced back to The Redhead. I seem to recall someone investigating a bunch of blog archives and it all coming back to her. Could be mistaken though.

    MMMmmmm... I'm sure if I am in agreement with everyone here. If it hasn't loosened up yet, I don't think you are going to lose it. You could just have a nasty blood blister or something under it. It will eventually clear itself up as it grows and you cut it. If you do lose it though, it isn't the worse thing in the world. It'll grow back.

  15. - hmmm, ok, well, alright.... Children book writing is not in your immediate future, are you recovered yet? I think its time to hit the roads again

    - I think you super glued and duck taped it after all the talk of your life ending when it fell off, just remember who DIDNT start rattling off on trying to get dibs on your stuff, true friend here

  16. Have you tried sticking a needle up under the nail to make sure there's no blood stuck under it? Another suggestion would be to soak in epsom salt, I lost 8, yes 8, toenails my first marathon training cycle (wrong sized shoes! DOH!) and def don't miss the days of lost toe nails! Hope you can save it but if not wear it like a badge of honor!

    AND... I found the blog post of the guy who tracked down the origins of 3TT for you:

  17. The nail will likely come off, took over a month once for me to lose mine. Just another touch of femininity this sport brings to my life :)

  18. Yep...the nail is coming off. Unfortunately, it could take a month or two!!! Welcome to the club!


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