Saturday, November 13, 2010

Running for Apple Tarts. The run through the "Rockies"

So for the 2nd weekend in a row I have discovered some new running terrain. AKA another:


I present to you Exhibit A: The Rockefeller Park Preserve.

Look at that network of trails!!!!

I met up with fellow blogger, Regina @ Chiu On This, and my super runner buddy, Belden, and we knocked off an 8 mile run through the MANY trails that make up this gorgeous park! We had one deer encounter, and saw many LARGE cows that are served up across the street at Blue Hill @ Stone Barns, a very tony restaurant which I sat a few tables away from Jon Stewart. Still one of the best meals I have ever eaten.

And speaking of food! After the run we headed into Pleasantville for their weekly Farmer's Market. This bakery from upstate always shows up and they make these Paris Apple Tarts. So good! Sorry, I don't have a picture of one because I ate two of those too fast AND a cinnamon swirl Danish. I was bonking towards the end of the run so I deserved those pastries! haha!

Finally, here is what we ran inside the park. I barely scratched the surface!


  1. Wow, that is awesome Jon! I am jealous you got to run with Regina! Sounds like a great place and that you have some more exploring to do. I laughed about the cows that are "served up the street" ha ha

  2. Is this a running blog or a food blog??? haha

    You are really racking up your blogger meet ups this fall. Probably helps that so many seem to live in the NYC area.

    Did you say "hi" to Jon Stewart??? You have the perfect small talk topic as you both "h"-less Jon's. :)

  3. You're killing me. Now I want to do that too!!!

  4. Speaking of deer encounters. Check this out.

  5. Sounds like a great time! Three running/tri peeps knocking off a 8 miler on the trails:) Successful day and run!

    I love the farmer's market...Mmmm, Paris Apple Tarts sound yummy!

  6. I love reward after a hard workout. I just can't reward myself after every workout... I am just falling in love with trail running, isn't it a nice change?

  7. nice Run!! You have a sweet tooth!! Love it!

  8. 8.8 miles!!!! I will not be deprived of my .8, you guys made me earn it! Obviously, your Garmin map looks like mine. Belden did a great job pointing the way. Thanks for taking us to the market afterward, my apple crumb cake and hot cider was devine! I hope we do it again!

  9. gosh, so nice! glad you found a new place to run. i feel like my trails are too far away at 45min+ drive, i wish i could make it out there more often.


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