Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Nerd Report: Heart Rate Monitor

Nerd: "an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person; especially : one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits <computer nerds>"

Wow, I never actually knew the correct definition of what a nerd is. For my own sanity and self preservation, I am going to go with the 2nd half the definition,  "one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits <computer nerds>"

Can I help that?!?!? Not really, after all I do computer graphics for a living.

Did you know that Dr. Suess created the word "nerd" from one of his children's books, "If I Ran the Zoo?" (source)

ANYWAYS! (huge tangent anyone?)

I need to "nerd" out on the Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) for a bit. So my coach has me running 5 times a week right now to accomplish two things: Get one speed run a week and to progressively build back up to the 90 min run. The other three runs are for volume and should be done without killing myself for the speed run and long run.

What have I been doing? Going too hard on the three easy and shorter runs. What has this been accomplishing? Making me NOT recover in time and properly for my speed run and for my long run. What did I just do to combat this? Break out the HRM to slooooooooow me down.

I use power on the bike, and I especially use it to slow me down on long rides so as to not burn my legs for the run. This method works PERFECTLY.

Can't use power on the run, so what other tool can I use to slow me down? The annoying heart rate alarm on my Garmin. Boy is that thing annoying! But it works! So this morning on my easy 4 mile run, I set the heart rate max and off I went. Going up hills is where I set the alarm off the most, which meant I had to run up them painfully slow.

This was ok though! It was a nice and relaxing 4 miles and I don't feel beat up like I always do from running too hard on an easy day. I felt smoother and learned that the hills do more damage than the flats. Fortunately I only need to wear this thing on those easy runs since on the speed and long run days, I can just run for running sake.

Nerd report over and out!


  1. Good luck with the HRM! I use mine quite a bit but I don't think I use it to it best capabilities. I need to work on that.

  2. this post is too nerdy for me. didnt even read the whole thing! hahha
    write something cool for a change!

  3. A ton of people swear by heart rate training and I'm hoping to jump on the train after Santa comes! :)

    Thanks for the tidbit about where the word nerd came from too! ;)

  4. Dr. Suess ---- love him. If her created nerd. I love nerds. [Peanut has socks that say that.] YAY for HRM's!

  5. Is this the coach you are using for Placid and if so love to get the info on that since I am still in the process of selecting one.


  6. I still say you drop the "nerd" and call yourself the "Professor"

  7. Jon - I HATE the HRM on the Garmin to but used it for my runs during the base and build. One thing I did that helped was to just keep the HR zone up and overall time on the Garmin screen. Remove pace and distance. And try not to calculate it in your head either ..lol. This kept me a little more sane on the slow runs.

  8. Yeah those "short and easy" are hard to keep easy. I always want to go faster to get them over with, defeating the purpose of a recovery run like you said. Good luck with the hrm. I used to be diligent with mine but lately it's too irritating to wear for whatever reason.

    So computer graphics... = you can design a t-shirt logo? :)

  9. I never run without my HRM. Love it!

  10. I just read Jeff's comment 3 times and have no idea what he said...haha

    I hate wearing the HRM, do it because my coach says to.

  11. I always find myself going too hard and fast on those short, easy runs too. I've used my HR monitor in the past, but I need to recalibrate it. Good luck with the HR training!

  12. Nerd is the new black. Embrace it!

    I never knew the origin of the word - fascinating!

    Good luck with the HR training!

  13. I'm a real nerd and total IT geek but I don't own any gadgets for running. I think running might be an escape from technology for me. I do however run with a small camera. I've been thinking about a helmet cam or something. On trail races this can be handy as I prefer to have my hands free at all times.

  14. ha! I should do the same. My EASY 5 miler this morning, was not so easy...I got sucked into follow that runner and don't lose her! After a speed workout yesterday and another on the schedule for Friday and my long run on Saturday...I need to respect 'easy' when it is on my schedule.

  15. Oh my goodness, I am laughing at your blog post title:) Good luck with the HRM! Happy training too!

  16. i like HR training. I did not get as fast of gains as I expected... I am impatient though.

    I am not sure how much HR training I will stick with. I did not HR train this spring and was close to a BQ time. Need to get that BQ time in 2011... we will see. Good Luck!


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