Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Looking towards 2011

Through meeting with my coach and thinking 2011 over and over and over again, the good old brain finally settled on a plan for 2011.

2011 will be broken into 3 parts:
  1. January 1 to May 1
  2. May 1 to Lake Placid on July 24th
  3. Post Lake Placid
The reason for May 1st as a date for the monumental split? It is roughly 12 weeks out from Lake Placid. And what is so important about this 12 weeks? It is the Ironman specific training block...aka the 100 mile training rides, the 18 mile runs, etc. I don't want any major racing to impede these efforts during this period.

Before May 1, I can race my heart out. I can do lots of short running races up to the half marathon distance. I can do a Half Ironman during this period if I want to. Speaking of which, I will be signing up for Ironman 70.3 Texas soon. Is this formally called Lonestar? This race takes place in flat-as-a-pancake Galveston, Texas on April 10th. I hear there is some wind on the bike to keep the course honest. I have also heard that the same folks who put on Timberman and Mooseman also put this race on. Yay for Keith Jordan @ Endorfunsports!

I plan to keep the racing down next year. I did a lot this year and it took its toll on me by Timberman. I want to enter Placid feeling totally fresh. I don't want to put anything written in stone for next year (other than Placid and this Texas race) but if all of the stars align, we are looking at this:

End of January: Manhattan Half Marathon
Mid February: Silvermine 25K in CT
March 21st-ish: NYC Half Marathon (If I get picked in the lottery again)
April 10th: Ironman 70.3 Texas
June 4th: Mooseman International or Tri Ridgefield sprint
June 22nd-27th-ish: Lake Placid Training Camp
July 24th: Ironman Lake Placid

And that is it. I am sure a bunch of the 4 and 5 mile NYRR races will get filled in there in various places, but they are like "F" level races and more like speed workouts in a super cool venue.

When signing up for the lottery for the NYC Half Marathon, it asked me my expected finishing time. I went bold and put down 1:35:00. I did a 1:47:xx @ Timberman this past year and with some Ironman training, I am going to make this 1:35:00 a goal!!!....oorrrrr a goal to shoot for :).....7:15 average to do that. Dang!!! haha!


  1. Go get that 1:35!! Putting it in writing [or computer slots] counts. YAY for you!!

  2. Sounds like a good plan--I think it's smart to have that non-racing time to prep for L.P. Which training camp are you doing?

  3. The IM 70.3 TX is a good race - it USED to be called Lonestar before WTC came in and stole it. It's a good race though. The bike is basically and out and back along the seawall, so it can be hard as hell and the run is a few clover leaf loops (great for spectating). The year I raced it, it was so windy that I averaged like 18mph on the bike (ouch) and on the run, spectators were claiming that the beer was being blown out of their cups (BLASPHEMY!). It's a great race - highly recommend it.

  4. good luck in 2011. looks like u have a fantastic plan!!

  5. If you are feeling real ambitious you can do the sprint the day before the HIM at LoneStar ..haha. Oh, and we all still refer to the race as LonStar. We have LoneStar, IronStar, and LongHorn -- I confuse them all the time!

    You guys will have a blast in Galveston - too bad we are in different AG waves it would be awesome to slap your feet the whole time during the swim (-:

  6. Just a thought: you may want to back out the 12 weeks prior to Placid to end before the 2-3 week taper. It works well with your race early April. I'm mixing in some organized rides like grandfondony, montauk century, etc to help with the long rides. Of course, I'm not doing placid but some of my cronies are so I'll be training along with them....

  7. Greetings little bro,
    It looks like you have your training schedule all figured out:) I love how organized you are...you always have a plan.

    Holy cow! I would love to be able to do a half in 1:35! Oh hell, I just want to break 1:50:)

    What is the temp in Manhatten during the month of January? I am looking for a half to do in NY sometime. Any suggestions?

  8. Great schedule!

    Way to set an ambitious goal for the half marathon! You are going to rock it!

    I'm laughing at Jeff's comment about slapping feet the whole way through LoneStar :)

  9. It sounds like a great plan! I am jealous that you already have your racing schedule figured out for the most part!
    I hope you get picked in the lottery again so you can get your 1:35 PR!! You can do it!

  10. Looks like an AmAzInG 2011 ahead!!!

  11. You got a great lookin 11'! Love your setup...


  12. I didn't see the Manhattan Half posted yet, have you?

    Nice season, hard season. Can't wait to read all about it!


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