Sunday, November 14, 2010

Riding for Blueberry Croissants

Met up with fellow blogger Kristin @ The Lazy Marathoner again for a ride, but this time on one of her routes, to a destination that Lance Armstrong tweeted about @ a place called Bunbury's Coffee Shop, located in Piermont, NY.

OMG! They make the BEST Blueberry Croissants! Sorry I didn't get a picture, as I ate both of them waaaay too fast! haha! Anything blueberry is a friend of mine. Stick a slice of blueberry cheesecake in front of me? You have just made yourself a new life long friend! :)

We are smiling because we just stuffed ourselves with yummy pastries AND its 60 degrees out in November!

What I didn't know and soon found out is that this route that we took is cycling Mecca for NYC riders.

So we started out from Strictly Bicycles in Fort Lee, NJ which is just across the GW bridge. From there, you head north to either Piermont or Nyack or even Bear Mountain and back.

When we arrived at Bunbury's, the secret was totally out. For a 60 degree day in the middle of November, EVERY cyclist from NYC was heading to this place, as evidenced in this picture.

There were even more cyclists and bikes behind me, across the street, AND down the street @ another place.

There was no room on the two bike racks supplied, so I left mine propped up against another store front. More and more cyclists showed up and soon found my bike buried. haha!

My bike is the white one in the back with the yellow computer and red saddle

Upon leaving we had to get my bike un-buried, so we gently moved some bikes out of the way. Kristin said that we didn't want to commit a "Pee Wee Herman"....I responded with, "Good idea. I can't dance!"

So I now declare the phrase "Dangling the carrot out in front" distasteful. Sorry Jeff! It is hereby renamed to be:

"Dangling the pastry out in front."

Jeff, Good news! is still available! ;)


  1. you sure are riding/running for the baked goods these days. :) if the weather wasn't so craptastic where I am, I'd do the same

  2. Heck yes for the tasty treats! a ballin' ride deserves an awesome pastry! I hope you have a great week ahead of you!

  3. I'm so jealous of your fun rides! And looks like a ton of other bikers took advantage of the great weather and yummy food! :)

  4. Best post ever! What a fun ride that was. Next weekend we should do Nyack and the Orchards, you'd love that!

  5. That is the problem with NYC. Everywhere you go, you end up getting double parked. haha.

    That is a crap-ton of bikes! It probably sounded like a herd of horses walking around too with everyone's cleats on their shoes.

  6. looks like a great day! But only two croissants?? yum.

  7. I heard a rumour that Rev3 Cedar Point is going to have Blueberry Cheesecake for all the finishers, just saying

  8. You have somre really great rides! I guess I need to ride for pastries. Oh wait, that is not on my current meal plan. Darn!

  9. Blueberry Cheesecake, bring it on! Sounds like the perfect morning. Have a great week!

  10. I love Piermont!! i know that coffee place well. I think I rode there every weekend over the summer. It is really pretty there, especially by the water. Cops are really tough though on bikers if you don't obey the laws.

    I haven't been on a bike in, oh, since my last race on Oct. 3...Actually feels nice to only run and swim.

  11. hey! thanks for the comment! I have done a sprint tri before:
    i've only been roadbiking for about 8-months now so it's definitely my weaker link. Tri's are awesome though and I can't wait to get into them more once running season is over!

  12. Incredible - thats MORE cyclists than I saw in SoCal 70 F weather in the mornings last wknd

    what a place


  13. Some really nice bikes there. I am sure the food must be delicious.

  14. Fun! It sounds like you had a total blast:) Look at you all looking like a biker stud in that cool biker gear! You look great:)

    Mmmm, I also love my cheesecake!

    Have a great weekend!


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