Friday, October 1, 2010

September? Good Ridance! October? *HOPE*

September has to have been one of the WORST months in terms of working out in a loooooooooong time. Don't believe me? Look at these stats (ducks and hides!)

Swim: 5750 yards
Bike: 92.86 miles
Run: 20 miles
Strength: 1 hour

No folks, that is NOT a week's worth of work. That is a MONTH's work! (ducks and hides again!)

I think I owe it to myself to hash out exactly what happened this past month:
  • My foot bent bananas on me 4 days after Timberman (8/22). I could hardly walk!
  • Then I went on vacation for 9 days
  • Upon return, my foot still wasn't 100%
  • I dropped the NYC Marathon
  • I got back and things started to look UP!
  • Then I got a back spasm...that split second back spasm really F-ed me up!
  • The NYC Marathon was REALLY out now....
  • 5 days later I finally was able to swim.
  • October was already upon us
In other words, my body revolted on me. It was a rather injury ridden month. So good bye September!!! You WONT be missed this year!!!

Besides, aren't I allowed a month off? My body made sure of that WITHOUT the brain's consent...

But what goes down, must come back UP, right?

That is called October.

The foot is healed

The back is feeling MUCH better. Tuesday night I got a 40 minute deep tissue back massage and immediately I felt 100% better. I even did strength training yesterday morning and the back felt fine.

The goals for October?
  • Start running again. I got ONE full solid week of running in in September, or 9 miles. Otherwise it was sporadic runs here and there. Yeah....
  • Start building up run mileage conservatively. HELLO 10% rule!
  • Kettlebells!!! Gonna do a more in-depth post on this. Short story: I hate weights. But I Loooooove Kettlebells as a substitute. More later....
  • Flip turns in pool....I did a few crappy ones last month and got my confidence up to flip @ the wall, but that back spasm K-O'ed me and my back's bending confidence
  • Learn posture sucks and this stroke opens your chest up. Also, I really want to learn backstroke
  • The biking is going to be tough. Too dark in the morning, too dark after work. Basically its lunch time 2X a week and the weekend. Fortunately due to my biking background, that is the one sport that I can slack on and regain the quickest.
I hope you had a successful September! I am putting mine behind me and moving on UP!


    1. Dont beat yourself up. You race more this season then most do in two season, you had a late injury. Take a bit to recoup and refresh. Your body is going to thank you for the downtime in the long run.

    2. October will be your month! And flip turns though harder to learn as adults is fun to do once you get the technique down. Important thing to remember, blow out as you are flipping or the water in your nose will burn! Let's just say been there done that!

    3. It is good that you took time to refresh yourself. In a couple months, you won't have the luxury!

      Good luck with your October goals!

    4. Jon - actually the numbers aren't all that bad with the crap you were dealing with the last few weeks.

      Hey keep me updated on the kettlebell workouts. I have been thinking of ways to add in more core work and am extremely bored with Ab Ripper X and the stupid Ab wheel. Thanks1

    5. You definitely deserved some time off - no worries. Your swim for the month still just about equals my swim for the whole year! :-)

    6. hahaha! my last 2 weeks = 0 swim, 0 bike, 0 run, 0 weights. :)

    7. That's what off season is for! Next month will be better! :)

    8. Ok, so here's the new deal. I'll do your weight training and you do my running. Sounds good to me!

      Don't worry about September..I'd put money down that your mileage for the other 8 months totals more that my mileage for the last 3 years!! You had a stellar season, give yourself a break.

      I love flip turns, they are the best part about lap swimming!

    9. Sometimes things happen for a reason...and your body definitely needed a break after how hard you worked this Summer.

      sounds like you have some great goals. I love my kettlebell! I can't imagine swimming without flip turns. They are worth the time it takes to learn them.

      And I would say for the bike...why don't you get a trainer? They are fairly inexpensive. In the winter I feel like my bike comes along nicely because I work HARD on the bike doing Spinervals or other hr based interval workouts.

      Have a great October!!!

    10. Hey, I swam 6,830 yards! But that's only because there are 4200 in an Ironman. My bike miles were fantastic, nearly 500. The rest a total bust. I, too, am very happy October is here. I feel so blah, time to step it up!

    11. Some months are just busy...I'm sure October will be better!


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