Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Triathoween! Volunteering is a good thing

Took me all of 2 seconds to figure out what kind of pumpkin design I was carving this year.

Now, mind you this was carved before The People went all 18th Century French Revolution style on the Monarchy. Not gonna go into that topic....

Ok, I will. It is getting increasingly harder and harder to sign up for an Ironman. If I were to do 3 different Ironman races in a given year that were spread all across the world and they usually were to sell out onsite, I would have spent the $1000 to get first dibs in signing up for any race I wanted a week before it went on sale to the general public.

But then again, there is that "giveback" side of me. The traditional way to get into an MDot branded Ironman is to pay your dues and volunteer the year before (unless you are racing the race that year). Doing this builds a sense of comraderie and you  and everybody else who volunteers knows that they helped out a bunch of other athletes at a race.

Now lets jump forward to race day. Who are those volunteers who are helping YOU out on YOUR race day? They are in the same shoes you were in the previous year.

What else does volunteering do for you? It fires you up!!! When I volunteered at Placid this past July, I was soooo revved that weekend. I wanted to do that race THAT day. In fact, the broken HIM that I did that weekend was soooooo easy because I had that inner fire within me burning bright.

Volunteering is a good thing and a positive way to sign up for an MDot branded Ironman.

Wow, didn't mean to turn this post into a PSA. haha!


  1. I actually really enjoyed volunteering for a marathon! You are right, it does get us fired up and want to get us out there moving:)

    I love the pumpkin! Happy Halloween:)

  2. I agree. I think the way WTC saw it was as a way to provide a direct link into their programs. To most people I am sure 1k is not a big deal. To us it is, BUT if they included one race fee with it or even half, I would have been ALL OVER IT! Just saying.

    DC Rainmaker had a good post on what it cost to travel to the event, lodging, rental car blah blah blah.

    Nice pumpkin. I think that is what H wanted to do this year too :) Gotta represent in cleveland too!!!

    Have a good one man!

  3. Couldn't agree more. After my experience volunteering, I don't think I would recommend anyone do an IM before they volunteer. On top of giving back to the tri-community, it is like a dry run/learning experience for your actual race day. I learned so much invaluable information just by watching the race as well.

    Nice pumpkin! We still have to carve ours... maybe tonight. I was thinking of a swim/bike/run pattern.

  4. It's not IM, but I will be volunteering at the NYC Marathon. Water? Gatorade?

  5. What I have finally learned (after I calmed down and stopped seeing red), with this up roar, its shows me that people not only respect this sport. but also respect the history of the sport. Its good to see, makes me proud to be part of this sport

  6. nice pumpkin!

    i think volunteering is cool. i cant wait to volunteer at some races next year!

  7. Love the pumpkin!

    The whole how to sign up for an IM thing is a mess. I like the idea of volunteering, but for some, it's probably too expensive/too difficult to do two trips for the sake of one race. They need to figure out a way to even the playing field somehow.

  8. I'm not going to do an IM or anything but for marathons and even smaller races I love to volunteer. I usually am cheering and yelling so much that I can hardly speek the next day!

  9. Volunteering in Madison was one of the most incredible experiences this year. Both the act of volunteering at the Aid station on the Bike course, and also the energy of the event and watching the run and the finish line --- just incredible


  10. Nice Pumpkin!! I love volunteering!! Its so fun to see people racing on the other side of things!! Although last time I volunteered I kept saying, why didn't I race?!!

  11. I like your pumpkin!
    I would love to volunteer for an IM race, but I haven't figured out how to work it into our schedules with my husband's work and my boy's school. Ugh! Someday though!

  12. Well said. I think the $1K price tag was a bit steep, but to each his own. I really don't understand why people need to get so fired up over WTC. If they really hate the corporation so much, stop signing up for their races, stop inking their logo on your body and stop complaining! I'd never pay the access fee, but it might have been appealing to others. It was entertaining at least!

  13. My husband and I are planning on volunteering at LP this summer and signing up for LP2012.
    I can't wait, and I am looking forward to checking out the whole 'scene' before having to be there for the 'real thing'.

    Do you have any inside knowledge on where to stay both in 2011? Everything looks pretty booked already...
    Or in 2012? Planning on looking around when we are there in 2011.

  14. volunteerins IS a good thing~I think it is important to give back to your sport :) plus everytime I have volunteered at an event (tri's and road racing) I have had so much fun and met some great people!
    cute m. pumpkin

  15. Hey I like your pumpkin way better than mine!! I love volunteering, I volunteered at 2 other races besides Placid this year.


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