Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dangling that Carrot out in Front

Jeff, I am jealous of the name of your blog, "Dangle The Carrot." The concept of chasing a carrot is really appealing right now.

I have fully embraced the "off season" this year. When you hit all of your goals for an entire season, the burning drive and desire disappears.

I ate that damn carrot that I have been chasing!!!

I met with my coach today and when he asked me how things were going, I responded with, "For the first time in 2 years, I have NO idea what I am doing right now." He responded with, "Ah, yes. Limbo."

Since Timberman and dropping out of the Marathon (I officially canceled it yesterday) I have had ZERO desire to do any racing until Placid next July.

A race for me in the near future is that Carrot dangling in front of me = motivation. No race in front of me = NO motivation.

So the coach meeting got my butt in gear. It is time to get running, and running often and running fast. I can do as many short running races as I want this winter. Fortunately I have the NYRR down in NYC. If you are in the NYC area and you haven't done a NYRR race yet, do one. They organize races so well and the support is wonderful. For $18 a pop, how can you complain?

So I am proud to announce my next race, the Joe Kleinerman 10K around Central Park on December 5th. Gotta get in one more race before I turn 28!!!

I am almost done with 4 weeks of consistent running since injury-ville. I am starting to feel like my old self again!


  1. Yay for starting to feel like yourself again!! And, yay for registering for a race. I HAVE to have races/goals during the off season or else my motivation just disappears!

  2. I'm with you!! No race = no training. So I keep signing up for them - about one a month. Not sure what I'm going to do for January - maybe a skiing race?

  3. Great wording. I agree 100% with the carrot philosophy. I am currently trying to heal up before I start trying to get back into the routine.

    Good luck man!

  4. "..Limbo" That is too funny. But too true also!

    Hey man no need to kill yourself now. Your goal is IMLP and the training is going to be hard both mentally and physically - take this time to relax. You'll be glad you did!

  5. I too am in Limbo. But I think you're doing the right thing by signing up for a fun race. I think I'm gonna try to do a 12k of Christmas in December. Those short races are so fun!

  6. I think it was good for you to register for another race! :) In limbo is a hard place to be, but you've had a great season!!

  7. Glad you feeling like yourself again. Good to have a goal. I think I said it before somewhere but I always have long term goals planned at least 3 years in advance.

  8. Its hard to keep motivated when its the off season and nothing is on the calendar for a while, but getting prep for 2011 takes alot more mentally then physically

  9. GOOD! I am glad you are feeling better and have been pain free. It is so hard to be motivated without a race for sure.

  10. Based on the number of races you did a break is probably good! You were a monster this year hitting the numbers you did! FYI I will be doing that central park race as well. Do you like your coach so far for IMLP?

  11. SHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Why are you telling people about the NYRR?! Those races are crowded enough ;)

    I'll probably be doing the Klinerman 10k too. See you there!


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