Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Workout schedule is posted

If you look to the top left of this blog ^<, you will see my updated workout schedule. Its a new form of periodization. People will be writing books about this new training regimen for years. Its going to revolutionize the fitness world!

But in all seriousness, I haven't written about any new workouts in awhile! So here goes:
  • My left foot is healed
  • My back is healed
  • I have been running 3 miles at a time taking it easy. My body is agreeing with running finally.
  • My super swimming buddy threw the kitchen sink at me in the pool on Monday with an 8 x 100 kicking set of dolphin kicks with 6 beat freestyle followed by a 4 x 200 pull set. THAT kicked my butt considering I put in a whopping 5000 yards all of last month.
  • The bike feels AWESOME. I am out on the road bike now and after getting refitted on it, it fits OH SO COMFY! I rode in the rain today @ lunch and it felt like a new baptism.
  • Its getting cold enough that the arm warmers and knee warmers are coming back out
  • I slept in by accident this morning and missed my 2nd Kettlebells workout. Doh! Gonna try for Thursday then write up my "Intro to Kettlebells" post.
Basically I am going short but frequent. Mary:IronMatron today asked what you do to transition from the crazy uber season to the off season without going mental. I thought about and I see it like a taper. As long as I am doing SOMETHING, I don't go bonkers, even if it is a short workout.

Fall is my favorite season and the smell of the woods while riding my bike is the best ever!


  1. fall is my most favorite time of year! There is nothing that smells like it...except when people burn leaves:/ Glad you're doing better!

  2. I miss fall in New York. Fall in Texas is cooler weather (not that I don't love that) but the bushes (there are no trees in Dallas) don't turn colors.

    Enjoy the fall weather and colors and congrats on being a re-born triathlete.

  3. "...going short but frequent."

    Yeah, that joke is just too easy. Pass.

  4. I love the workout plan. Brownies & beer. great combination.

    @Jeff - LMAO!

  5. i like ur workout plan better than mine!

  6. I think I like your workout plan. Can I join the club for that one!

  7. The B&B training plan, looks like a keeper!

  8. I love your workouts! :)

    I love fall riding... a little bit cooler, lots to look at! :)

  9. You are hilarious. This looks amazingly similar to my training plan for the week. I may have stocked up on some of my favorite Vermont brews while running in upstate NY over the weekend...

  10. Nice training week! Im sure you will get all of it accomplished!!

  11. I am so excited to get back in the gym and hit the weights. I miss the burn!! However, I am also loving this week of doing NOTHING. I am on your periodization schedule this week.

  12. Beer Good. Fire Bad.

    Keep listening to your body.

    8x100 dolphin kicks? Are you serious, or serially insane?

    No thanks. I would rather do two ironman swims every day, than do that much kicking hombre. Better you than me.


  13. Love the workout schedule! That’s good news overall! I always take short runs during my taper and only rest completely the day before the race.

  14. Hey Jon!! Excited to follow your journey to LP too!! It's a great place for an Ironman. Perfect periodization plan for October. :)

  15. you better get that KB workout in on Thursday so you can lift all those beers!! ;)
    Glad to hear you are on the mend!


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