Thursday, October 21, 2010

And the winner is!!!

MissZippy!!! Congrats! You won my latest giveaway for Bart Yasso's book, "My Life On The Run."

She wound up being the 17th slot and that was number picked on  An email is coming your way soon asking for an address. Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone else who participated. 

But don't feel left out! ANOTHER blog giveaway will be coming up soon. So stay tuned! *hint* this will involve the pool (and no, I am not giving away A pool).


  1. damn...i was hoping to win a pool today! lol

  2. congrats misszippy! ;)
    so no pool?
    How about one of those indoor endless pools then?
    you could mail that. ez

  3. Rats! ;) ha ha I'll be back for the free pool. Hope it's one of those endless ones w/ the current. I don't really have room for a 25 yd pool in my yard! :)


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