Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's a Religious Holiday in the Triathlon World Today: KONA!!!!

The Ironman World Championships are TODAY out in Kona Hawaii. This is the Superbowl of Triathlon events. No race is bigger or harder than Kona. It is every triathletes dream to go to this race and it is the HARDEST to qualify for. You can't just run a certain time and get in, you have to usually finish in the top 3 of your age group. Talk about high stakes!

My picks for the winners are:

#1 Crowie (Craig Alexander)
#2 Raelert (my dark horse pick)
#3 Chris Lieto

Other guys I want to see really well and sneak a podium spot are:
Andy Potts (expect to see him first out of the water!)
Terenzo Bozzone (dude is younger than me and finished no less than 2nd ALL year!!!)

#1 Chrissie Wellington (duh....)
#2 Mirinda Carfae
#3 Sam McGlone (she ran right past me @ Mooseman like I was standing still!)

Go Chrissie! Just remember our moment together....haha!


  1. I think Crowie is going down :) and I believe Terenzo will steal a podium spot from someone. I hope you have framed that picture of you and Chrissie :)

  2. Agree with ^. I hope that photo os framed!

  3. Oh obsessive number one growing up was always Gary Hall Jr. Sigh...

  4. Poor Chrissie had to pull out due to illness! Go Julie and Bree!

  5. Im so sad Chrissie had to pull out. I got a girl crush on her!! LOL!! I love Chris McCormack!!

  6. Sucky Chrissie had to pull out, but Mirinda ran one hell of a race. I was pulling for Chris Leito, but will take a Macca win. Crowie put up one heck of a run and I think pushed the other three ahead of him harder...

  7. Sounded like a great race, I can't wait for the TV coverage in November sometime!

  8. I agree, should be a national holiday

    Great minds think alike, we had the exact same picks for the men and 1 and 2 for the women.


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