Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"The Elbow" strikes back

When I crossed the finish line on Sunday, the first words out of my mouth were, "I am gonna pay for this one...."

I DID pay for the half marathon, in the form of elbows and fingers being jabbed and massaged into my lower IT band Tuesday morning. Um, OUCH!!!!!

The Elbow
: 6, me: 0.

I always fear going back to my PT to get a leg massage and it always hurts the same, except for this time. I had to tell her to stop a few times. It hurt so bad that my stomach was starting to get queasy. Or can I put it as if she was jabbing a red hot poker into my leg? My lower IT band, right above the knee is soooooo tender. My knee joints feel great though!

Well, the usual thing happened and a day later my legs are more or less back to normal. I got out for a 4 miler this morning and it was not my fastest 4 miler ever, but I had full range of motion of my legs, vs the usual hobble that I do a few days after a half marathon.

So after 2 half marathons and a 25K since January 24th, I have learned the following about recovery (and these are specific to me):
  • an ice bath helps, but isn't a miracle cure
  • a beer with the ice bath helps
  • a chocolate banana protein shake is super yummy and filling and helps take the edge off
  • drinking tons of water helps clear out the crud in your system
  • the morning after isn't that bad in terms of soreness
  • the following night is the worst in terms of soreness
  • stretching and foam rolling are great for maintenance
  • the pool is your best friend: kicking loosens you up
  • the trainer is another best friend: easy spinning loosens you up
  • more stretching and foam rolling are even better
  • deep tissue massages suck
  • deep tissue massages made the biggest difference
Because of yesterday's massage, my legs are feeling good enough that I can still eek out my scheduled 14 hours of workouts, wrapping up my final and penultimate week of base training.

This weekend is looking colder than last weekend's, but it should be bright and sunny on Saturday, which will be ideal conditions for me to put in my first 60 mile ride of the season. Then on Sunday, the hurt continues with a 15K race back down in Central Park. No upper park hills this time, just two lower loops of the park.

Almost done with the base training! Has it already been 12 weeks?


  1. Hi little bro,
    Sorry to hear that you had some troubles with the Elbow again:) I have not had a massage in some time! You have a great list of things for recovery...I am taking note of most of them. You are flipping running in Central Park again!?! What the hell, I am going to run in one of these NY Central Park races with you within the next two years:) NY is on our upcoming travel list...I will have to coordinate it so that we are there during a race!

    Good luck with your training for the rest of the week! If you don't post before Sunday...Good luck at your race:) Have a good one Jon!

  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't The Elbow have more than just "1" at this point?? :)

    Glad that it worked even if it does hurt!

  3. I like the ice cold beer in an ice bath remedy. I had a very tired leg situation this past weekend, I sympathize.

    I am also doing 57 miles on Saturday and a race on Sunday in Central Park. So there are two races going on? I'm doing the duathlon. good luck in your 15k!

  4. Have fun on your 60 mile bike ride! Keep those legs moving.


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