Friday, March 26, 2010

surviving, and race pictures!

My legs..........are cooked. My easy 3 mile run this morning was more like a run through molasses. OH man oh man oh man all I have to do is get through this weekend, then it is rest time next week and the end of base training. I can smell the victory!!! This is my last weekend of overtraining for awhile. 12 weeks of efforts have built up to this moment!

I just need to:
A) Ride 57 miles tomorrow
B) run almost 12 miles on sunday, including a 15K race
C) survive

Here is the training load that I set out to do over the past 12 weeks:
As you can see, its been a long slow build in volume

I am going to leave you now with some pictures (courtesy of my folks) from Sunday's race. Enjoy!

BLURRY!!! This was the ONLY race shot from brightroom. Seriously?

Just after mile 8, about to head out of the park towards Times Square

Deena Kastor, 2004 Bronze Olympic Medalist in Marathon

The Pro Men's field. Haile, the current marathon record holder, is in there at #2 in the red jersey

Walking after finishing

With the folks

With my friend Lisa who graciously drove down with me @ a super early time


  1. awesome pix!!! thnx for sharing!

  2. Those are great pctures Jon! You are looking like a strong runner there little bro:) Do you like running with your pack? I need to find a good one but I hate having something around my waist. Have a fantastic weekend Jon!!

  3. Such a triathlete ... race belt, hip pack... probably got a smeared grease on your right calf.

    Looks like you had a good time Jon! Hey you need a haircut, would probably shave a 1/2 sec of your run time .. you know because the shaven head is more aero!

  4. Awesome pictures, thanks so much for sharing. Sounds like the pack didn't drive you nuts...I always worry that it would me. Great race!

  5. Those are great shots!! I only ever have those awful ones from brightroom, ugh!

    I also have a 57 mile ride tomorrow, then the duathlon on Sunday, as you know. Good luck on your race if I somehow miss you on Sunday, although I hope I get to see you.

    thanks to for answering my desperate bike gearing questions! I was having a moment.

  6. great blog! love the photos!! Just found you ... trying to expand my subscriptions to male runners, too!

  7. Great photos Jon! Is that a cycling jersey you ran in, lol?! I always wear a tri jersey when i run half or full marathons b/c where else are you gonna put all your gu's, gels, shot blocks, powerbars, etc...


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