Monday, March 8, 2010

March is defined.....and its gonna HURT!!!

March is gonna be a man-maker of a month. That basically sums it up other than I am going to be wailing like a little baby by the end of it.

In other words, I have my first half Ironman of the season in 6 weeks and its time for the final build. The mileage and yards that I put in in the next 3 weeks will be the anchor that gets me through New Orleans without suffering too bad. (I am going to suffer regardless. Its a freaking half Ironman!!!)

This means that my postings here are gonna go into overdrive. Posting on this blog equals motivation. That was the point of starting this. By publishing it publicly, I couldn't slack because then I would be held accountable by my peers.

So basically March is looking like this:
Week of March 8-14:
Swim Planned: 3 hours
Bike Planned: 101.5 miles
Run Planned: 22 miles

Week of March 15-21:
Swim Planned: 3 hours
Bike Planned: 102 miles
Run Planned: 26.1 miles (includes NYC Half Marathon)

Week of March 22-28:
Swim Planned: 3 hours
Bike Planned: 123 miles
Run Planned: 25.3 miles (includes NYC Half Marathon)

Good golly just looking at this is making me cringe. I understand that this is the work that MUST be done to plant this season deep. These next three weeks are not only solidifying New Orleans, but also giving me deep roots for Mooseman and Timberman.

The other thing that I MUST do, is take it easy. This is base work, which is easy intensity and large volume. I so want to go hard, especially on the bike, but this method has been working well for me this season so far. Easy and long runs helped me PR by 12 mins at a half marathon and have helped me accomplish my first 25K race. Like I said when I signed up for New Orleans, I wouldn't have the speed like at Timberman, but I would have the base to do it.


  1. Hi Jon,
    It looks like you are going to be busy in March!! I have faith that you are going to do just fine:) Try to get some rest when you can! Happy Monday!

  2. Those are some impressive numbers,but I know you can hit them! Stay strong the next few weeks, keep your eye on the this case the race!

  3. That is one serious training schedule! Hopefully the warm weather sticks around so you can hit those miles on the bike. That is weakest training aspect. I will hopefully start to ramp up my biking after my marathon in April.

  4. 400+ miles on the bike (i am assuming you already have 70+ already this week)!!! in base!!! Well, it sounds like your like me, its all about the bike.

  5. Wow...that is some training! You are totally going to rock your HIM!

  6. OMG! You scared the crap out of me! I thought you were talking about Mooseman in 6 weeks. I'm thinking, holy shit! then I did the math and read a little farther. I'm ok, now. my HR is back to normal.

    good luck!


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