Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sometimes No Electricity is a Good Thing

There is no power at work today = work canceled

Today was bright and sunny and 55 degrees.

I had to get in a long ride this week.

What do you think happened today?

Well for starters, I got in a hilly 5 mile run super early this morning. Then as I was getting home I started to get an avalanche of text messages saying we were delayed till at least noon. So I took the opportunity to stretch and foam roll extra long then took a nap.

10:45 AM rolls by and I get another avalanche of text messages proclaiming the good news.

By 1:15 PM I was on my bike. It was glorious.

I went back up to time trial heaven, but I added an extra loop that made this route now SUPER time trial heaven. I tacked on the Titicus Resevoir loop. Its really pretty up there!

47 miles later I was back and victorious. Today's goal was not only to get the miles in, but to stay in the aero position for as long as possible. The sit bones were hurting at times, as well as my upper shoulders and lower neck from craning my head. BUT! The ratio of staying in the aero position vs the regular position IS greatly going more towards the aero position on each subsequent ride.

NO lower back pain reported!!!

Fingers crossed the electrical grid is still down tomorrow.....its supposed to be 62 and bright and sunny....62 miles in 62 degree weather anyone? ;)


  1. u r a rock star.
    that is great! i love when i can get my workout in during when i am supposed to work. yay.
    and i think u will become my duathlon trainer. hope ur up to the task. hehe

  2. Hi little bro,
    Wow, you got to run, stretch, nap and bike!!! I don't know if you did enough today....just kidding:) I will keep my fingers crossed and pray to the electrical grid Gods for you!!

  3. And I used to hate it when my power was out ... (10 days during Hurricane Ike).

    What saddle you riding with? About two months ago I picked up the ISM Adamo racing and it is sooo comfortable in the aero position. During my Du two weeks ago the only time I was out of aero was when I missed a turn and had to look around ti find the marker!

  4. Hey Jon, I noticed you had a rear saddle mount hydration system on your P2 and was wondering what you think of it? And what type you have?
    Thanks man!

  5. Nice work! You sure are cranking out the miles!!

    I actually had a similar ride today. Not as long (only 28 miles), but I worked on staying aero as much as possible. I figure that I was aero for over 50% of the ride and even tried to stay aero on some of the smaller climbs.

  6. that's crazy! no electricity and it's sunny and warm out? you so lucked out! you would thing no electricity=bad weather. i hope you get to do it again today. your ride route sounds fabulous too. have a great day!

  7. Great ride! Lucky you, work canceled AND it was nice out!

  8. A NAP!!! on a weekday, that's so indulgent. I am so jealous, stuck in a cubicle in Manhattan on St. Pats Day.


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