Thursday, March 4, 2010

Need Ice Bath help and a Maiden Voyage

First, I want to thank everyone for mentioning your favorite recovery methods after a hard race. Seems like the common trends besides stretching were ice baths, and most important: BEER! I like beer....

Still haven't attempted the ice bath yet. Is there a window of opportunity to take one of those? Seems like it takes me at a minimum of 1 hour to get home from my races, sometimes longer. Is that too long?

How you do it? Do you fill the tub up with ice and cold water and just plug your nose and hop in? Or do you do the reverse-cook-a-frog method and hop into an empty tub and slowly add cold water and ice cubes so as to not shock yourself?

Or do you cut a hole in a lake and jump in? Um, OUCH!

So I did my maiden voyage on my new road bike today. Despite the fact that my legs are still TOTALLY shot from Sunday's race, this bike made my short 10 mile ride effortless. The frame is SO light and SO stiff, that the energy you put into the pedals goes directly into the wheels. You can't feel that "softness" or "absortion" of energy into the frame at all.

Simply a phenomenal bike!

Took a bit to get it fitted last night. With a tape measure in hand, I was taking measurements of the old bike, then tinkering with the new bike. Rinse and repeat that a few hundred times, and I wound up flipping the stem upside down and angling the bars up slighty. The seat was magically in the right spot? Might need to be lowered a tad.

The weather up in NH this weekend is looking like sunny and mid 40's. Gonna do the 28 mile Mooseman loop on Saturday then possibly run a loop of the run course on Sunday. Please, legs, loosen up!!!


  1. When I do an ice bath it is normally as soon as I can after a run. I put on a stocking cap, wrap myself in a towel and get in the tub and run the cold water (right now it is cold enough for me without adding ice, but in the summer I would add it) Then I sit in the water until my legs are covered for about 5 minutes! It is usually long enough for me!

    You will be amazed at how fresh your leggs feel afterwards.

  2. Generally, I put ice and beer in tub and chill for about half an hour or so, drinking a beer while the others are chilling.


  3. Pretty much the same as JF for me. I started off by filling the tub with water and ice and jumping in, but after seeing ChicRunner's method ( I switched to the "reverse-cook-a-frog" method. I try to do the ice bath as soon as I finish running and then warm up with a hot shower afterwards.

    Glad to hear that the bike ride went well. Keep stretching and foam rolling and you will have no problems with your ride and run this weekend!!

  4. Hi little bro,
    I am a wimp and could never do the ice bath thing!! I hate being cold:) I am glad that you are having fun with your new baby!! Did you name her yet?

  5. I expect a FULL report of that ride and run!! No excuses. Please?

    Glad your bike ride went well. I need a new toy.

  6. Enjoy your time in NH this weekend! The Mooseman course is one of my favorites. Matt & I were up there a few years ago to ride the bike course in mid April...with snow flying! At least your weather should be better this weekend.

    And if you want to try the "hole in a lake" ice bath, head over to Newfound. You should have the beach all to yourself! :-)

  7. Hope your recovery goes well. Congrats on the maiden voyage, I'm glad it went well!


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