Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Luck of the Irish! Were you crossing your fingers?

Happy St. Patty's day everyone!

I have no power @ work again today.....

I am sooooooooooo disappointed.

I was in tears when they announced it.

Tears of HAPPINESS!!!!

Here is why:

So like yesterday, the flood of text messages showed up again around 7:30 this morning with "Studio is closed till noon"

I head off to the pool for 2500 yards.

Return home. More text messages with "Studio closed. Enjoy your day off!" Our movie is still coming out in 13 months regardless, but can 2.5 days off really hurt a production that bad? No idea; I'll be on the next film by then or the film after that one.

The power outage is due to a really bad storm we got over the weekend starting last Friday. We lost power Friday afternoon @ 4:30. They sent us home

Monday morning we come in and we have a normal work day until 4:30, when they tell us that the power is about to go out in 5 mins. They send us home. I am guessing they cut power on purpose to the area for bigger fixes and that is why we have been powerless for the past 2 days?

Soooo, what to do with myself? I have the NYC Half Marathon this Sunday. I have to get in 2 more bikes and 2 more runs in by then and if I can get them done and over with sooner, that will mean more time to rest for the half = faster race?

Well, its 64 degrees and absolutely gorgeous outside....what to do, what to do...

Bike ride!

21.5 miles later I'm done for the day.

Think I can go for day #3? Its ONLY gonna be 70 tomorrow....


  1. Do you have a generator at your place? Sucks if you lose all the food in your fridge and freezer....I know all about that. At least you are making the best of a bad situation -- and that is very cool!

  2. Again, you are so lucky! I'm glad you had a good bike ride! Good luck with your 1/2 this weekend! :)

  3. Dude, nice work week for you! Way to take advantage of the outage! Good luck in the last prep days for Sunday, hopefully the weather will be perfect again!

  4. Come again...did you say that tomorrow is going to be 70 degrees? Someone was a lucky guy today:) I see that all of my praying to the electric grid Gods paid off:) Good job today! Happy St. Patty's Day!

  5. Wow. Lucky guy! I have the same forecast but have power...dang it. Where is that breaker box so I can cause some chaos so I can go home and play with my bike? :) HEY good luck this weekend, you must be getting pumped.

  6. ha! so funny. I had plenty of electricity, but managed to hit the track. All the crazies were out (as in not at the track to run and are completely ignorant that others ARE running there).

    Good luck this weekend! Maybe I'll go over and route you on! I live so near the park.

  7. Good luck with the half this weekend and enjoy the weather!!! :)

  8. hahhah. no work again....u lucky bastard!!!
    that is great!!!!
    awesome bike workout!

    r u ready for the half!?????


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