Thursday, September 27, 2012

Speed? HA! Ha ha! Haaaaaaaaaaa....

The last two weeks I have been running. Compared to the thick of Ironman training, I haven't been running as much volume, just more frequency.

Last week I ran 5 times in a row. 45 mins each time, except for one 75 min run. Every run was slow, 9+ min pace, except for one speed workout, where I *gasp* broke a 7 min/mile pace for 30 seconds about 12 times. WOAH!

This week, same deal. Slow runs, except for an 85 min run, a speed workout where I broke a 7 min/mile pace again for 30 secs but about 15 times. WOAH!

Then that brings us to this morning. 20 min warmup, 15 mins tempo, 10 min cool down. I was told to go by heart rate. Easy enough: Run at a pace where if the alarm goes off, then slow down a tad until you bring that HR down and try to keep it consistent.

I did this. Not bad. I finish the cool down. Then I look at my results. 7:55 pace @ 162 bpm for 15 mins for the tempo part. On pancake flat ground, in drizzling rain.





I mean, back in June, even when I wasn't even close to my running peak of last March for the National Half, I was holding 1 mile repeats @ 6:35 pace at a HR of 170 bpm. 5 bpm more for 1:20/min faster pace.


Thank you Ironman training! You killed all of my running speed.

Not that taking 5 weeks off from structured training did anything....


But really, I am NOT concerned. I took some time off to relax and let my body heal. It is done healing and it is time to make a running comeback. It will come back. It always does.

I am going to redo this morning's run a few times over the next few weeks, now that I have a benchmark.

I am calling this my start, with a HUGE peak yet to come.

I just need to sign up for a race now. Perhaps a 10K somewhere?


  1. Ha, your slow is blazing fast to me


    Now that you have done 2, what is a realistic recovery time to bounce back from an 140.6 race?

  2. haha yea training for an iroman must zap all your speed away. But you'll get it back, before ironman training you ran some awesome 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathons...

  3. I'm sick of plugging my GR 10k. You are on your own now!! haha

    Ironman thankfully didn't kill my speed. Still have it on the run and in the pool. Bike is unknown because I am spending as much time on the MTB as possible where 10mph is a good day. Heck, keeping the rubber side down is a good day.

  4. That's actually 8 bpm. Its a significant difference. You are still fast. Lets run!

  5. Hey Jon - Dave and I are doing the RnR Brooklyn 10k on Oct 13 - you should come meet us there!!

  6. Ugh stupid Google... this is Kate that just left that message from "Unknown"

  7. Dude - were you running with your walker? (-:

  8. Eh... You got crazy fast over the winter this year, and I'm sure it'll happen again. Don't stress too much. Plus, I'd love to have your speed! :)

  9. Just means that you can totally give yourself kudos for each time you run fast again. Slow if fun... that's where us normal people are!


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