Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Blister From Hell

Ready for some more gore?

Sorry for the lack of warning, but this is my latest "stupid" injury. I classify a "stupid" injury as one that is just frustrating while preventing you from your full potential even though your joints and muscles are 100%.

This blister came from that amazing 14 mile trail run last Sunday. I knew that I was getting either a hot spot or a small blister, but I didn't realize how bad it was until I tried to run yesterday. I made it 6 mins before it was just too painful to continue. Now, whats left of that blister is raw hamburger.

I blame my shoes, the New Balance Baddeley 890's . I think they just fell apart a lot quicker than they should have. My previous pair lasted almost 300 miles and I kept them as a back up just in case because they were such a great pair, and I never got a blister in them. This pair must have been just bad luck. They barely lasted 8 weeks.

So I am switching back to the Mizuno Wave Rider 15's. While it is a slightly heavier shoe, the amount of foot support in my blister area is 10x's that of the New Balance. I used the Mizuno 13's and 14's all last season and NEVER got a blister. This latest pair of New Balance just wreaked havoc on my poor feet. Oh well. It was worth a shot to try the new shoes!

Fortunately I can bike all I want! And after basically a 2+ week taper from the ribs "stupid" injury, I am finally finding that speed on the bike again that I so covet. I put the Zipps on my bike last night and I flew! I love those wheels. So smoooooooth.

But! I have that 70.3 this Sunday! GAH! What do I do? After consulting some important people, I am going to see how well this blister heals by Saturday, do a 15 min test run, and go from there. My coach has suggested Newskin to protect it in the meantime and neosporin and a bandage.

I just don't want to destroy my foot anymore with a 13.1 mile run/race effort that will set me back further. If I do run, I will be using trislide galore on the spot to prevent as much chafing as possible.

So! Dear Blister: HEAL!!!!

Otherwise, there is always an aquavelo option. This is NOT an A race, and I don't want to increase an injury that will screw up more of my season. I just want to get in a good swim, and hammer the bike. The run will take care of itself I hope, if it happens.

Either way, I won't know more until Saturday.

Stupid "stupid" injuries!!!


  1. I read that as "15 mile test run" at first. Maybe that is what you should do.

  2. Give aquabike a shot, its a different style of race, swim then a real time trial, no holding back for the run. You might enjoy it

    I would look into Second Skin or Mole Skin to put over the blister, it works for me

  3. Ouch! That does not look good at all. FYI, I believe trail runners put duct tape over their blisters.

  4. NuSkin + some athletic tape. wrap it up. I used to use it when i got bad blisters from cleats. It works. Either that or Duct tape. Seriously.

  5. How come no one is suggesting the obvious? Run barefoot. Shoes are the devil. Ask Jeff. He'll agree with me 100%.

  6. I am agreeing with Kevin too much of late but he is right - Barefoot all the way. It is how cavemen used to run and since that evolution stuff is a bunch of crap then we should all be running this way.

    Or you could just harden up and quit being such a pussy (-;

  7. oh and Jesus used to walk around barefoot. If it is good enough for JC then ...

  8. Good thing I'm a vegetarian and don't eat meat because if that is what hamburger looks like these days I'm definitely out.

    The comments are just evolving into hilarity with Kevin and Jeff.

  9. I hate looking at blisters, so I'm not sure what made me click on your post in Google Reader when it was titled "The Blister from Hell." I knew there was going to be a picture, yet I still opened it. Yucky. Hope that thing heals quick!

  10. Just getting all of the crazy random injuries out of the way now? Good strategy.


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