Friday, May 18, 2012

Being Owned By Training

I am typing this at 10:42 PM (last night). Waaaaaay past my bedtime.

Wait a second! Why is 10:42 PM way past the bedtime of a 29 year old fully functioning (well I like to think so) adult? That isn't right! Oh right, I am training for an Ironman.

And! Tomorrow morning (hello past tense in the future?) I AM SLEEPING IN!!!

Wait a second?!? How is 7:30AM sleeping in?!? Oh right, I am training for an Ironman.

I read a blog post tonight (last night) that mentioned the person was sleeping in. Why did this thought quickly fill my brain?


But wait.a.fucking.second. I can sleep in ANYTIME I WANT!!! But I don't. Why? Oh right, I am training for an Ironman.

Saturday morning I am meeting my coach on the Quassy course @ Hodska o'clock, aka, 6:45 AM for the ride followed by a brick. This venue is 60 mins away. Do the math. This isn't a race morning, and yet it will be treated as such considering the early time. I will NOT give up a chance to train with my coach. In fact, we will be holding quite the pace for this ride and brick run.

But back to the whole "sleeping in" issue. Remember when you were a kid and you just couldn't sleep in on a Saturday because there was cereal and cartoons to eaten and watched? Then you got older, and sleeping in became a luxury (or a necessity)?

Then you got REALLY old and found triathlon, which demanded you waking up at O'Stupid o'clock every morning and going to bed at the latest, 10PM. What happened?

Then!!! And this is the worst part, waking up this early and going to bed this early becomes part of your routine. And then suddenly you DO sleep in on one of those rare occasions and you feel guilty because you feel like you should be doing something to earn that breakfast.

If you hit this point, and you know you have or will again, please please please please, take a reality check and realize that training DOES NOT OWN YOU!!!!

Sleep in.

Go to bed late.

Remember YOU are paying for this hobby, not someone paying you to do this hobby. Drink a beer and eat a fricking burger.


Have a Happy Friday :)


  1. Ha! I was just thinking this morning that training does give you a warped sense of time and distance. A 10-mile run is easy, and 5:30 a.m. means you slept through your alarm.

    Have a great day training tomorrow!

  2. LOL. funny post! I turned into a grandma a long time ago. And as I left my house this morning I shouted to my husband that I will have to be in bed at 9pm on a Friday night so I can go meet friends and ride bikes at 6:15am on sat.

  3. We're missing each other by one day... I'm heading up to Quassy to ride on Sunday - DOH. And I slept in til 8 this morning... 9 glorious hours of sleep!

  4. Love this post:) Always nice to have a reminder to stop taking things SO seriously all the time.

  5. It's so true, actually, the part about feeling like you have to earn breakfast or happy hour or whatever, and then it morphs into feeling like anything less than 3 hours isn't enough, etc. We're all insane. BUT -- this needed to be said by someone, so thanks :) And "enjoy" training with the coach!

  6. Heh, I totally convinced myself that waking up at 6:30 and ONLY bike commuting in the morning was sleeping in and a lazy luxury. I need some sort of reality check... in about 5 weeks.

  7. Get some rest, buddy! Don't let this IM thing kill ya. Take it easy for a day every now and again!

  8. Oh this made me laugh! Sleeping past 8 am feels crazy decadent these days.

  9. Well shit I don't drink and I'm a vegetarian. Guess I'll keep going to bed at 8pm and waking up at 4am.....haha!

    Seriously though it is a good reality check.

  10. Ummm... at first i was thinking, why is he writing all this, it sounds all completely normal to me!!!

  11. Love it! I love my sleep-in rest days so much because it's such a change from the routine. But the training is a choice, and I'm glad my body lets me make it. And I'm glad my hubby gets up early too, so there's no complaining about 8:30 bedtimes -- I can't even fathom 10:00, you party guy!


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