Monday, May 21, 2012

Finally, Getting Consistent Again

This past spring, compared to past seasons, has been a disaster for training. For the last 6 weeks I have been struggling to get consistent with training because either I am slipping in the shower and bruising ribs, then getting monster sized blisters, then from all of the recovery time, I am losing that little bit of fitness that prevents me from hitting it hard day after day after day like I am used to!

Jon wants to repeatedly win The Jon World Championships, every day! Totally stole this line from her and her.

I even stopped logging my workouts because I couldn't face looking at empty row after empty row of missing data with comments saying, "Blister" or "Still can't breath, OMG."

Finally, I swallowed my pride, filled in a month's worth of crap workouts, looked past the blank spots, and concentrated on the past three weekends of race efforts.

Essentially I tapered for three weeks straight for a HIM. And now I am still in that post-taper race phase of fitness. All of this happening by accident. Funny how this shit works out, right?

So now? I am getting back into it.

I finally, FINALLY!! had a non race weekend filled with proper volume efforts that makes me feel like I AM BACK BABY!!!!

Saturday was the 2:50 race pace ride of Rev3 Quassy Half followed by a 10K beat down run by my coach. Sunday I ran almost 15.5 miles on the trails of Rockefeller and the Old Croton Aquaduct trail in some pretty warm temps.

FINALLY!!!! My legs were hurting.

And moving forward, I am doing a 2 mile swim "race" this weekend, with Rev3 Quassy Olympic the following weekend, with then IMMT 70.3 in a month from now.

The most important part? I am finally starting to feel ready for these races.

This race season has started to hit fast forward, BIG TIME. IMMT 140.6 is gonna be here before we know it!!!


  1. Why is "race" in quotes? This race is for real. It's on.

  2. Good to hear the legs a hurting!!

    I am having similar issues right now. This last week sucked with IMTX being here and missed workouts due to my job. All was going good until this week so I need to refocus but my parents are coming in from Thurs-Tues and we are going to Austin for a graduation party. Not sure how I am going to get it all in? Then BSLT is here? Aaaggh

  3. Crazy talk about letting life get in the way of training.....haha!

    The best part is that you are not just starting out in this sport and have experience of what it takes. You will be ready for all of these races and 'races'

    Same with you Jeff. You will figure it out the way you have before.

  4. At least this is IM #2 and you have a better idea of what workouts are needed and which ones are optional. You just need to get in a few quality workouts each week (which you are doing with all your racing) and the rest is filler.

    Now we just need to work on lessening the physical abuse...

  5. hahahahaha "The Jon World Champs" everyday - im totally stealing this

    good news its coming together!

  6. Glad you're back to consistent training! I seem to be in an unplanned taper for the two mile swim this weekend. We'll see how it goes - maybe it will prove I never need to train again!

  7. "Jon wants to repeatedly win The Jon World Championships, every day!"

    Might be the epic quote of the year

  8. IMMT is going to be sweet! All this hard work is going to pay off, and you're going to have an amazing race! Keep up the good work!


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