Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rev3 Quassy Time! 3TT

Are you doing Quassy this weekend? Either the Olympic or the full? I am racing the Olympic on Saturday, but I will be up spectating YOU on Sunday. Leave me a comment if you are racing either distance!

(I think most NYC-area triathletes are doing this race?)

This will be my first Olympic since 2009. Yikes! 3 years? REALLY!?!? The last one I did was the NYC Tri where I went a 2:31:51. This was 4 weeks after I PR-ed the distance by ~21 mins @ the Stamford Tri for a 2:31:57. My first ever Olympic was the Westchester Tri in 2008, where I went a 2:52:35 (swam a 36:53! Ha!).

I remember worrying about not coming in under 3 hours for that first Olympic. I also look back and remember how horrible of a runner and swimmer I was back then. Ok, so maybe my swimming has been off this season, but my run has never been faster!

This race is gonna HURT. Not just because of the hills, but mostly because an Olympic distance is a speed event. It's go fast, then go faster, then even faster! Three years ago I did two back to back Olympics in the 2:30-ish range. I am a LOT faster now. So for 2:30 or less of speedy efforts, this race is gonna hurt!

Because I haven't done this distance in such a long time, I have NO idea how I will do. I guess go faster than a 2:31:51? I have to remember how I "felt" during any stand alone 10K I have done. I recall breathing really hard and hating life and wanting to quit. I suppose this will be my effort level for the entire race. It will be over before I know it!!

The weather forecast calls for MUCH cooler temps than last weekend, so no excuses can be made there. Its my legs that will be doing all of the talking.

Good luck to my fellow Quassy racers!


  1. Just PR the race to keep the streak going....IMMT is the goal and that is only 12 weeks away.

  2. All the best for Saturday! Enjoy!

  3. BQ will be out there on Sunday taking on 70.3! BOOM!! gonna be awesome! Good Luck Saturday - you will rock.

  4. May as well shoot for sub 2:15, since that would qualify you for the elite men's wave at most races.

  5. Good luck!! I have an olympic as well, well aquabike. this weekend, but I have a full olympic the following weekend

  6. I'll be on the bike course on Sat so I'll see you at R64 and Tranquility Road
    Racing on Sunday

    Yes, this is gonna hurt!! oly + quassy = pain
    best wishes for a great race

    hope we are able to meet up, that would be total awesome sauce


  7. Have fun buddy. And yes, balls to the wall as soon as the gun goes off.

    I would offer you some T2 advice but clearly this is not the proper race to take my awesome tips ;)

  8. I'm going with 2:23:08. You got this. You better PR to keep the streak alive!

  9. I'm always surprised when we keep doing what we do after we write things like "I remember breathing heavily, hating my life and wanting to quit" ha! Good luck this weekend. I bet you'll at least break 2:25.

  10. sounds like grounds for a monster PR

  11. Have fun man, everyone says this is a great race!

  12. I'm with Kevin... I think you'll be low 2:20's too! :) YAY! Super exciting.

    Have a great race and say hi to all my REV3 and Team Type 1 people! :)

  13. You're going to dominate this race! I know it's been awhile, but you're a totally different athlete now! I'm pretty stoked to see how you do! Good luck!

  14. Next week will be full of so many great race reports. I can hardly wait to read them all - including yours. Keep up that streak!

  15. this is how far behind I am on reading blogs. good....luck?


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