Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MonticelloMan Half Race Report

After the last 3 weeks of inconsistent training and disasters, I was thrilled just to make it to the start line, let alone do the run AND! run my 2nd fastest half marathon on a challenging run course.

Ever since I slipped in the shower three weeks ago, Sunday was the first 100% pain free day. Ever since I ripped a gigantic blister on my foot a week ago, Sunday was the first time I ran in a week.

So dropping my first sub 5 hour 70.3 after all of this was wonderful! This is a 3.5 min PR for the distance on a hillier course than my previous PR set on pancake flat (but windy on the bike) Galveston, TX. I'm still holding up the bargain with myself to PR every distance I attempt this season!

That being said, here is the race report:

Total Time: 4:59:49
Age Group Placing: 3/19 (bumped up to 2nd after 1st took overall)
Gender Placing: 14/114
Overall Placing: 15/167

Swim: 34:17
The day before, I did a quick 10 min swim in my wetsuit just to get used to it again. The last time I swam in it was Placid! Everything felt like it should, and it would be a matter of how fast I go.

Nothing too crazy to report about the swim itself. The last race I did was with 3000 of my newest and closest friends, so starting with only about 50 people was totally relaxing. I felt great the entire time and just got into a rhythm and kept at it.

I made sure to lube up the usual rub spots with plenty of Tri Slide.

Had no idea what my time was until after the race. There was no race clock at the swim exit.

Lake Monticello is a GREAT body of water. Clean and was 68 degrees. PERFECT conditions!

T1: 1:54
One of the biggest issues I had to deal with that day was the blister on my foot. I had to keep it covered for the run. So when would I cover it for the run during the race? The night before I put on a generic CVS brand "heavy duty water proof bandage." Before the swim it was firmly on there, so I just left it on.

I also used Tri Slide in the interior of my shoe as an extra insurance policy. Love Tri Slide!

During T1 as I was getting my bike stuff on, that bandage was STILL firmly on there. So I left it to T2 to see if would need to be changed....

Bike: 2:39:10
Like most early season triathlons, my inner quads (the VMO muscles) love to cramp at the very start of the bike. After 5-10 mins, the cramping usually goes away. This time, the cramping not only DIDN'T go away, but it got worse throughout the entire ride! Eeeks!

But what is strange, is that it didn't slow me down. I still felt fluid and strong, just in pain. Strange...

The course is a 2 looper, which mentally breaks it up. I loved the course! It is mostly flat (it seems) but still had over 2000 ft of elevation over the 56 miles. We drove the course the day before, which was a good idea to get an idea for where any of the hills were. Fortunately the hills were short (and not quite steep enough) that I could stay in the big ring the entire time. Long live that compact crank!

Other than the first loop, I was riding mostly alone for the entire ride, which was fine.

Also, my powerTap on my rear Zipp 808 isn't reporting any power data or cadence, so I just went off of feel and monitored my heart rate. It felt like riding naked but felt VERY liberating! I had my 2nd fastest personal HIM split for the distance.

Lap #1: 1:18:09
Lap #2: 1:20:43

Boy was I revved at the start!

T2: 1:60 (yes, that is the official time! haha!)
Got off the bike shoes, looked at the bandage and it was still firmly on there. Why mess with it? So I put on the socks and shoes and went! No blister rubbing issues. I think the new Wave Rider 15's did the trick!

Run: 1:42:29
Of course the start of the run hurt. It was uphill for the first 1/4 mile, but I kept it as smooth as I could and held back a bit. That helped settle my legs.

By about mile 5 I was starting to feel pretty good and was running VERY consistently. NO blister issues. No breathing issues. It was the legs doing the talking at this point.

Armed with my Nathan's bottle filled with my "Waterade" (half gatorade/half water) I settled in.

Beth found me around mile 7-8-ish and gave me a nice motivational slap on the ass (literal! not figurative...) and I was on my way for the 2nd out and back portion of the run.

Here are my splits
Mile 01: 7:36
Mile 02: 7:36
Mile 03: 7:45
Mile 04: 7:42
Mile 05: 7:44
Mile 06: 7:33
Mile 07: 7:34
Mile 08: 7:49
Mile 09: 8:09
Mile 10: 8:06
Mile 11: 8:12
Mile 12: 8:11
Mile 13: 8:41
Last 0.1: 0:57

As you can see, around mile 9 is when I went into survival mode and just hung on for dear life. I was ready to be done by then.

HR kept creaping up!
The entire course was marked very well, except for the final turn. I had to ask one of the volunteers if this is where I turned to finish. Even she was slightly confused? Oh well. Turned the corner, went up a hill, there was Beth cheering me on and taking pictures, and the finish!

As I was running into the finish chute I saw the race clock and it ready 5:00:xx. So close to sub 5!

Or so I thought....

When they posted the results on the wall, I quickly learned that the race clock at the finish was slow. YES!!! I squeeked in under 5 hours by 11 seconds, and it said I took 3rd in my age group. But! The overall winner was in my age group too, so they took him out of the age group awards which meant I got bumped up a slot to 2nd. BAM! Out of 19 folks, I will take 2nd for sure!

I wasn't the only victor of the day. Beth also kicked some major butt and won the OVERALL in the aqua bike division by over 9 minutes!!! Woo hoo!! You can read her report HERE.


  1. you killed it. awesome, awesome, awesome!

  2. AMAZING JOB out there!!! I can't wait to see you rip it up in MT!!

  3. 1) Freaking awesome job!

    2) Big ringing it all the way! Woot Woot!

    3) Generic CVS bandages FTW! Why buy bandaid brand?

    4) Sweet kit! You should have gone with the bionic one though.

    5) I'm totally smacking your ass as I pass by you in IMMT :-P (literally or figuratively - your choice)

    6) That looks like a pretty decent final climb to the finish line.

    7) Only one point of criticism. You got chicked. At least it was only by one. haha!

  4. That is awesome dude. Way to get after it even after ribs and blisters. Keep on PR'ing all the distances but you are going to have to do some work at HIMMT now that you are a sub-5 hour'er......

  5. Fantastic race day. Always like reading reports about things generally coming together and working out. Way to podium!

  6. Doesn't a slap on the ass count as outside assistance? Or perhaps ASSistance.

    (oh and nice race, too)

  7. wow awesome run dude! Congrats on a great time!!

  8. Way to go, stud! That was an awesome performance! You did great and finished strong with a sweet PR! NICE WORK!

  9. awesome race! a sub 5 is so fast!!

  10. Great job Jon, especially that run! Based on the those pics it looks like the race was in a beautiful area. And a 68* clear lake is something I would have to see to believe!

    Congrats on the podium!

  11. Sweet! Nicely done! Looks like that event was a nice small event, which I really like.

  12. Hunted you down and continued my pattern of abuse. You can thank me later.


  13. beautiful race! congrats on the PR...amazing after the previous three weeks just think what you would have posted with regular training! PR city baby

  14. holy freaking hell man!!!

    GREAT JOB BUDDY!!!!!!!!!! FTW!

    Amazing how the body responds when it is well rested? If anything that fall in the shower did you good haha.

    There ain't nothing wrong w/ ass slapping. That smile on your face says that you liked it too haha.

    That is my last goal for a 70.3. Sub 5hr. After that, I can officially retire from this sport ... well that and win a sprint tri!

  15. Congratulations on the sub 5! It's funny how :59 is just so much better than :00, regardless of the race or hour that you are breaking!

    And I can only hope that Lake Anna is just as nice this weekend!

  16. Beth needs to work on her photography skillz. Your HIM skills are just awesome though!

  17. only use that big cookie when you mean it! killer bike split.

  18. Awesome job, sounds like the race went perfect! The scenery at that race looks great. Glad to hear that you don't have any more injuries or blisters to worry about!

  19. Woo hoo! Nice race Jon... sounds like this went perfectly!!!

  20. What an awesome race!! Congrats!! I love how you are totally smiling the whole time...You are going to rock IMMT!!


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