Monday, February 27, 2012

Kicking Revenge in the Teeth!

Does my post title suggest that I am seeking revenge upon revenge? So confusing....

What I am really trying to suggest is that I got revenge upon a run that I did last August....THAT run that figuratively (even though it sure felt like it!) hammered a hot poker through the center of my knee cap and dashed all hopes of running my first stand alone marathon last Fall.

I returned to what I call "The Scene of the Crime" where I was 3/4 of a mile from my car and could barely walk because the pain in my left knee cap was burning so bad during that ill fated run. This was in Rockefeller State Park, an awesome place to run with roughly 27 miles of running trails. This is the last place you want to get injured!

I ran 10.62 miles that day. I remember it was 1000% humid and my legs felt pretty good, but my knee kept getting crankier and crankier and crankier then suddely BAM! It's like someone planted a container of napalm under my knee cap and LIT.IT.UP! Ouch.....

Since then I have ran there once, but it was an off season run for enjoyment trying not to get lost in the maze of trails.

But yesterday? I got revenge! Coach gave me a progression run to do, where every 30 mins I was to increase my HR every 10 bpm. The run went very well, though very hard fought!

See, Rockefeller has lots of ups and downs. I wound up with 13 miles flat, but NOT on flat terrain, considering it was almost 1500 feet of elevation. Woah!

I didn't realize it was that much elevation, and I surely didn't remember that last long hill from miles 9 to 11.

Even though it wasn't my fastest long run to date, I think it was one of the most rewarding long runs because it was so hard fought to get. Holding an 8:05 pace average over such variable terrain is only increasing my confidence in my run ability, and is very very welcome, especially what that run in August, over the same terrain, did to my confidence when I got injured so bad.

I think this run closed a chapter on that knee injury.

I then rewarded myself (and my friends), with a waffle EXPLOSION!!!


  1. You are a complete ass for posting that last picture... :-P It looks so freaking good!

    Awesome run! The more you get used to that elevation the better for IMMT.

  2. I had a strangely similar incident last September!!! I was training for the Hartford Marathon and my knee had been giving me problems. I was out on a short fast 6 miler and BAM it felt like something exploded in my knee!!! It was crazy and painful!
    I never found out what it was. And because I'm stubborn, I still ran the marathon a few weeks later, while popping Ibuprofen on the course (idiotic, I know).
    I ended up taking a month off after the marathon and my knee has been normal ever since (knock on wood). Super strange.

    Ps. You're waffle pictures ended up inspiring me to buy a waffle maker. Waffles for everyone!!!!

  3. Nice run

    Everytime I come to your blog, I want waffles

  4. Revenge is sweet! Great job Jon!

  5. I'm so glad you did not refer to this as epic.

  6. That looks like a hard run and you held a great pace! Woot! And those waffles look so yummy

  7. Way to get revenge! That's just sweet! And, I can't think of many better things than waffles to eat after a hard run. Good call.

  8. I agree w/ Kevin. You are an ASS! not for the same reasons as him though... mainly because of your LACK of mention of BACON that I see DEAD SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PICTURE!

    How dare you dis the bacon like that. I am hurt.

  9. Seriously dude - just got some bad hunger pains from seeing those waffles!

    That is a good place to train for the Tremblant run. How far from your place is that? You may want to make rather frequent trips to this park!

    Dave and I are planning on doing a significant amount of trail running in Huntsville due to the elevation changes. Only downside is the gator and water moccasins start coming out around the end of March. Will have to carry a big stick or something!!

  10. Woohoo! Way to get revenge! That is so awesome that your knee pain is all in the past!!
    AND, yum...waffles!!! :)

  11. That is awesomely impressive (waffles).....the run too.

    Seriously though that is an impressive run b/c there is nothing flat about Rockefeller. Not even the parking lot is flat. I trained out there for my first half. I remember the pig run and the switchbacks. Not easy but congrats to you on getting it done. Nice job.


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