Friday, February 17, 2012

Found my routine! Finally!

This past week I finally hit that "comfort" zone of training. Now, this doesn't mean training has been easy, I have finally figured out my routine and schedule for training, and it feels pretty good.

I also finally figured out how to tie in my workout schedule with my diet that gives me energy and keeps the hunger demons away. Since I am working out before and after work every single day, this is what my routine looks like:

6:00-6:30: Wake up, AM workout.

Breakfast: Large Belgian Waffle with Maple Syrup. Whenever I make waffles, I make an extra 8 and freeze them. They last a good two weeks in the freezer. I find the waffle and syrup get glycogen back into my muscles quickly.

I usually don't have whipped cream and strawberries on top....
10:30-11: Breakfast burrito with eggs, salsa, cheddar and 1/2 an avocado with a grapefruit and a banana if I'm still hungry. I call this my second breakfast. Its loaded with protein and fat. Yay avocado!

I make this in the morning while I am eating my waffle. Then wrap in tin foil and place in an insulated lunch bag. It stays pretty warm for three hours!
1:00-1:30: Lunch...usually its some form of a baked lean meat, steamed or baked green veggie, and baked sweet potato sticks and sometimes the other half of an avocado for extra fat.

3:00-3:30: Cookies Banana and almonds

5:00:-5:30: two small bowls of cereal and an orange. This fuels my PM workout.

6:30-7:00: Start my PM workout, usually its an hour or two depending on if I am doing strength and how much

Dinner: Its been an omelette and a couple oranges and few dozen tablespoons of peanut butter with chocolate chips. The omelette is usually two eggs, two slices of american cheese, two slices of ham, and peppers and onions. Its enough to bring down the hunger demons from my PM workout, yet isn't so much food that I feel gross going to bed, yet it gives me enough energy for the next morning's workout.

Of course the above is for Monday thru Friday. The weekend is a total crapshoot of stuffing my face with food and booze and running and biking many many many miles.

So this only took 6 weeks to figure out!! I have found that cooking a week's worth of lunches ahead of time has literally saved me, since that is the most complex meal of the day. Otherwise making egg based dishes is always super quick.

Yay planning ahead!


  1. Nice dude - after my long runs we always make waffles (whole wheat, of course) and the reason is to rebuild the destroyed Glycogen levels. It really works!

    Like the idea of freezing them as that is quite the time saver. Going to have to do that ASAP!

  2. I made a breakfast burrito this morning in anticipation of a good swim and run day.

    Impressive that you manage to eat so healthy at lunch. Back when I worked in an office I got looked at like I had 3 heads when I would pack my own lunch and not get takeout.

    We need a better waffle iron so we can actually make some good waffles. You'd think that a Krupp's brand one would be good but it sucks ass.

  3. Routine is key. Ummmm however, your routine seems to be focused around ... food! haha, LOVE IT!

  4. bfast burritos are something I need to eat more of, stat! I've finally been able to dial in my eating habits over the past month and my body is so happy for it. It's amazing what happens when you eliminate processed food and sweets. :)

  5. It looks like you eat great. I need to take notes as I sit here straving at my desk.

  6. Gotta have that routine. I think that is one of the major key factors to how I have gone through the last 9 weeks of training and still feeling great.

    I don't think I could consume that much food before a workout though. I think my stomach would revolt and thus why there is not 1 way to do this stuff.

  7. Meal planning is almost as important as workout planning...or your ghrelin levels will revolt and you will be dying of hunger and the wrong time. Stupid hormones.

    Glad you got this down. I'm obsessive enough that I bring all my work food (lunches, extra fruit, snacks, boiled eggs, etc) in to the office on Monday morning. True story.

  8. You're quite the Chef! I think routine helps so much to do what you really want to do, and it looks like you've found it. Good work, Jon!

  9. Absolutely amazing. I am going to start freezing the waffles, my battle is with time in the morning and this will help. Your burrito looks amazing BTW!

  10. I should really get a waffle iron.

  11. We love breakfast burritos around here. Quick, yummy and super filling! I need to find my routine! :)

  12. SO very glad I saw this and read this after eating and not while hungry
    great news you found it

  13. If I could only bottle whatever it is that's so comforting about a schedule/routine... well, I don't know if I'd be a billionaire or famous. But I'D be perfectly happy and think I was pretty darn cool. :) Those crazies who operate BETTER in an entropic state blow my mind.


    The end.


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