Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hello sponsored Tri products!!! SBR Sports, Inc. Trislide, Triswim, Foggle

I am very proud to announce that I have a product sponsorship for the very first time in my triathlon "career." I have accepted sponsorship from the generous folks over at SBR Sports, Inc, the makers of Trislide, Trimswim, and Foggle.

SBR Sports, Inc puts out three main product lines, which can be perceived as triathlon specific, but should be viewed as being used for many many applications. I think its viewed as triathlon specific because the sport itself marries three different sports into one.

ITS SO FREAKING CONVENIENT TO USE!!! For years I had used a stick applicable product for anti-chafe purposes, which has worked, but its messy to use sometimes, and a pain to wash off in certain areas. When I made the switch to Trislide, I used it in the normal places: arm pit areas for swimming, on the arms where I know my arm warmers chafe, and down in groin area for saddle chafing. It takes way too quick to apply (which is nice!) and I have had zero chafe issues when using it, which means it lasts, but didn't need to glop it on like a stick applicable product. For my 3 hour ride this past weekend, I used it down in the groin area, and only pain I got was the pressure of sitting on the saddle for 3 hours, which is merely a "ride more will fix that problem" issue. No more raw skin!!!


When I first started swimming seriously 4 years ago I noticed that my hair got all "crunchy" and it would sometimes take 2 applications of shampoo and conditioner to make it feel normal again, yet still never fully got the "crunchiness" out. Some folks recommended putting conditioner in your hair then putting a swim cap on then hopping in the pool. Uh, no.

Now with the Triswim products, it gets that "crunchiness" out of my hair on one go. BAM!

I SO wish I had this at Lake Placid last July when I started the bike. Foggle defogs any types of glasses with one swipe, from swim goggles to eye glasses to sun glasses to snowboarding goggles. The weather at Lake Placid that day was 72 degrees and dry. However, when I entered the T1 tent, it was about 3,000,000 % humidity in there and when I put on my Rx sunglasses, they immediately fogged up so bad that I had to run blind out into the field to find my bike. Not fun and I wish I could have unfogged them on the spot. This will be going into my T1 bag for Mont Tremblant this August for sure!

I use the Trislide the most out of all three products, and I am absolutely loving it. I had another great and comfortable ride on the trainer last night after using it and it didn't leave any sort of residue that stains or is a pain to wash off. I am in love with this product!!

And! Until the end of February, here is a code to get 20% off your next purchase of any of the above products:



  1. I love trislide, but do not, I repeat, do not apply it on when standing a slick surface (tile, wood flooring, lament flooring)

  2. My only comment... Tri Slide never ever comes out of your clothes haha, my shoes still have tri slide in them from last year! ... the stuff is THAT good!

  3. I love this stuff too.

    Second what BDD said, I have taken more then one tumble on the kitchen tile after the wife as sprayed trislide on her feet!

  4. That rocks! I want a sponsorship...tell me the secret! I've never tried any of those products, but I might just have to because of your recommendations. Congrats!

  5. YAY! I love their stuff!!! Congrats!

  6. I. Need. Foggle. Like nobody's business, seriously! Gonna use that code soon. Thanks and congrats!


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