Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Top 15 Men & Women At Kona On Their Bikes and Kicks

Kona this year was a record setter. Crowie broke the men's record and while Chrissie didn't, had she not been injured, could have (and I think would have) destroyed her own record. Chrissie, as usual, gets the badass award for best finish. Cracked ribs? Slow swim? Slower than normal bike? And STILL wins the glory? She can't be beat.......ok, I lied, I think Rinny is cuter ;)

Anyways! Slowtwitch.com did an awesome job displaying the top 15 men and women Kona finishers on their bikes and in their running shoes. You can read these articles in the following links:

Top 15 Men on their bikes
Top 15 Women on their bikes
Top 15 Men on the run
Top 15 Women on the run 

My interpretation? Not thinking about time and speed and based upon looks alone (hey, its MY blog!), these are my top picks for badassness-looks-iness. I will also include a "special" award. Special can mean either good.....or.....gross ;)


Men's Best: #8 Andi Bocherer

I have no idea who this dude is, but he showed up matched to race!

Men's Special: #10 Faris (no last name needed)
Some folks think he is the sexiest man alive. I just vomit in my mouth every time I see the speedo. Sorry Faris!

Women's Best: #2 Mirinda Carfrae

I think her pint sized super (hotty) awesomeness speaks for itself!

Women's Special:  #14 Natascha Badmann

She is like, 100 years old, rides the strangest fucking bike known to all triathletes, and yet STILL drops a 14th place at Kona! Natascha, you will ALWAYS be a great!

Men's Best: #5 Timo Bracht

You get the award because you are the only one displaying a true mid foot strike. Running a 2:47:26 prolly helped too!

Men's Special: #1 Crowie
Because you are Crowie. Nuff said.

Women's Best: #2 Rinny

See above^^^

Women's Special: #1 Chrissie

Chrissie?!?!?! Where and how the F___ is your leg going into your body?

What about you? Who would you pick?


  1. I dont like any of the bikes

    Did you notice that Crowie is heal striking in his Newtons?!?!?!

    I have to go with Chrissie's Brooks!!!!!

  2. 1. Faris is super gross and nothing will convince me otherwise. PLUS, look at his gross bikini tan line. He TRAINS in a speedo. Ick.

    2. Look who's an expert on running form now!

  3. Are you going to have to get a Felt now? You did just pick Felt for best looking for both male/female.

    Who cares about foot falls when you are Crowie and #1 overall??

  4. I think Faris looked even more special on the run. Beth probably agrees.

    P.S. you should race in a speedo. If you do that, I'll race in a bikini.

  5. I spent HOURS analyzing the form on those folks. Miranda, holy jesus, that girl is gorgeous on the run.

  6. Good call on Andi Bocherer. That is a sweet setup he's got going on. I've got a Felt roadie and love it. Next step is a sweet Felt Tri bike. Chrissie does look like a freak in that picture. Hey, if I could win Kona looking freakish and still smiling with cracked ribs etc., I would!

  7. Go check out all the female riders and the male riders again and look at their hydration and gear setups.

    What did you notice? The women carry a lot of gear and most of them have rear and aero bar hydration. Most of the men are using a horizontal torpedo mount. I found this interesting, not sure why?

    Also Crowie is a midfoot striker. Check out some of the videos and you can clearly tell. Sometimes in pics it looks like someone is coming down on the heel but the impact of the stride is actually being absorbed my the midfoot area. Not that it really matters!

    Also check out #5 Caroline Steffen in the bike link - best "setup" on the course!

  8. RINNY!!!! Short people - we are taking over the world =)

  9. From a pure let's match our race kit to our ride and let's just see how good we look perspective I say:

    Rasmus on the bike
    Caitlin Snow on the bike

    Raynard Tissner on the run
    Rinny on the run

  10. These are a lot of super fit people.

  11. Funny that I just did a post about Newtons and Craig Alexander praising his perfect form - and like Big Daddy Diesel says he is heel striking above! And it looks like he is overstriding a bit too! Maybe that pic was taken close to the end of the race and his form broke down a bit?

    I don't follow triathlon that much, but I did watch the Ironman highlight show last year, and Mirinda Carfrae made running look super easy to me - she has an awesome stride. No surprise to me that she set the marathon course record this year!

    For Bozzone, it wouldn't surprise me if his achilles injuries relate to his running form, he seems to be overstriding by a lot, which I'm assuming puts pressure on his achilles and lower leg region. Maybe he might want to look more into his form to avoid injury?

  12. Well to comment on Chrissie's legs. I was telling Jill that if you look at the position of her hips they are very open versus closed. Most all females legs touch no matter how skinny. My freshman year room mate had hip position like this and ran cross country and was fast. She was a twin and so her hip position was due to being squeezed in the womb. Perhaps an anatomical study on hip position and run speed should be looked into.

  13. I <3 Faris - I love his beard! I think Rinny has a man face. I LOLed at the Natasha being 100 years old comment, obviously Chrissie is my faves but I also love Cait Snow!

  14. I need to go look at the whole slowtwitch stuff, but your comments were freaking hysterical. And I must admit... I kind of have a girl crush on Rinny. :)

  15. love this

    might go Faris style next year at my Tri's

  16. i know this is sad (please dont judge!)
    but I was looking at these links again on my lunch today

    I found this interesting in the notes regarding Jacobs who had the fastest run

    "pete jacobs (fastest time) doesnt get paid to wear the saucony's. However he might now. But according to his twitter account he tried several brands in training and only decided on the A4 in the last week or so of training."


  17. wrong google account
    lunch break
    top 15
    was me



  18. What, no pics of "coolest looking speedsuit?"

    And why all the hate for Speedos? It's what everyone used to wear until only about 10-15 years ago.

  19. Someone needs to bring sexy back! Unfortunately, Faris al-Sultan of Swing does not appear to be that person. That pic of him on the run reminds me of Ricky Bobby running around Talladega in his underwear. Maybe that's Faris's deal. He thinks every race is like the Kona underpants dance.


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