Monday, October 31, 2011

Zombie Snowpacylpse!!!!

What a weekend! A bunch of Zombies invaded the Lower East side.


Celebrating with nerds
Then mother nature played a trick on the Northeast

Guessing we got 3-5 inches? A lot of my coworkers further up north got 12-18" and lost power! Yikes!

I was supposed to go running with Jill in Central Park Sunday morning, but the heavy snow killed that opportunity:

So I tried to go run out in my neighborhood, got 2 blocks before I realized:

So I attempted it again at noon, and:

But I got my run in, dammit!

How did your weekend shape up? Did you dress up? I think EVERY girl was dressed up as a swan!


  1. My dad was away but got a call from his neighbor asking if they were ok because of the flames and smoke. I guess that's what happens when your tree falls on a transformer, knocking power out for the whole neighborhood. They're very popular today.

  2. Snow in October? I'm up for it! I always love a good snow storm!

    I dressed up as a lump on a couch watching football.

  3. I havent done anything for October for years, no desire to

    I am not ready for snow yet

  4. YESSSSSSsssssss your costume rocks! Walking Dead for the win!!!!!!!!!

    And last night's episode?!?!? OMG!!!!!!!!!

  5. We had snow this week also and I didn't enjoy it!

    But glad you got your run completed!

  6. haha, I love the action shot.

  7. I was assuming that you were going to go as a zombie considering how much you talk about Walking Dead and zombies in general, haha Nice costumes! Crazy about the snow in the northeast, it was weird to see 2 football games being played in the snow on Saturday! (Penn State and Rutgers)

  8. I haven't played Angry Birds Rio yet, I might have to try!

    And yea, I've been surprised at how my legs have responded recently, just seems like they have wanted to go, and I don't want to restrain them too much. I don't want to overdo it, but this past week was the first time in a while that I have been somewhat challenged while running (I was running at medium effort it seems like). It just gets old running at easy pace all the time, because you are never physically challenged it seems like.

  9. I forgot to mention the Stanford game - like my post said, ridiculous!!! Best football game I've ever been to. It would have been my favorite all time sports event I've ever been to, but for me I don't think anything can ever top Stanford basketball vs Arizona from 2004 - The Shot (by Nick Robinson). Basically he made a 35 foot shot as time expired to keep Stanford at 20-0 on the season. Amazing game. Shot is at 1:30 of the video below.

  10. Man, I was feeling for ya when I saw on the news that NY got a bunch of snow. That doesn't sound like fun. I'm not ready yet. Way to go to get your run in! I love your sheriff costume. The ax really ads a lot!

  11. Kick ass costume!

    Last nights episode was good? I plan on watching it tomorrow morning.

    Didn't dress up. Can't remember the last did I did actually. OK, I remember dressing up as the Scream monster in college but I really don't remember anything else of that night.


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