Monday, October 10, 2011


I got lucky on Saturday. VERY lucky.

Coach said, "Don't run over 30 minutes!"

I ran 5.5 miles instead. Oops!

I didn't mean too! Really!

So my running buddy, Lisa, and I did our usual 2 miles out, 2 miles back routine. Lisa sometimes puts her keys in my car since my key is just a fob.

We run; my knee holds up; everthing is good.

"Easy," right? Well upon finishing the 4 miler I suddenly realize that my car key is NOT IN MY POCKET, and "easy" just got thrown out the window. My shorts pocket has a zipper, to, you know, keep the contents inside the pocket. I failed to zipp the pocket up and at some point along the run the key went flying. Awesome.

What the heck do we do now? I am on a time constraint and need to be home ASAP. Lisa's car is locked with no keys cuz they are in my locked car with a currently missing key. We decide that I will run back up the trail in the hopes of finding my key while she runs the 3-4 miles home to get her husband's car, pick me up in case I don't find me key, somehow get me into my apartment (my house keys were in my locked car) to get my spare car key, then play musical car chairs to get everyone back home.

That didn't happen.

I got lucky. VERY lucky and found the black car key in the middle of the trail less than a mile away.

Then I realized that I had to go get Lisa, who was well on her way running home, except I didn't know which way she was running home. Crap!

So I "sprinted," yes, a sub 9 min mile but slower than 8 min mile counts as a "sprint" for my creaky old knees. It felt good to go "fast" again. It really made me miss running and the running shape I was in when I dropped that 7:06 pace at that 15K last March :'/

But I found Lisa quickly. I started honking at her to get her attention, which does REALLY sound bad and makes me look like a total pervert. Even she said, "Oh great, now some pervert is honking at me to get me attention!"


So note to self. ZIP UP THAT POCKET!


  1. Ha! Sorry, that's a good, funny (lucky) story. I needed that this morning. Glad all turned out well. Two things to remember: always zip your pockets and always replace your bike helmet padding! ;)

  2. Smooth. Very smooth.

    So you don't use the key in the gas tank door trick I use? That is the benefit of having a 16 year old car. I could put the key in the door lock and no one would steal it. haha

    Hopefully you are laughing so that I am laughing with you and not at you.

  3. I completely get OC over my pockets, checking them multiple times. Really glad to hear you were able to find your key. Scary moment for sure.

  4. alright... you know you didn't run XC in high school when... you don't keep your keys in the gas tank.

    I hate to laugh at your misfortune, but someone has too.

    And the whole pervert thing, HILARIOUS haha. Lucky she didn't flip you off as you came up on her haha.

  5. lol. sounds like quite the debacle!!! I am glad you found your key

  6. I have one pair of shorts that has a hole in the pocket that I always forget about. I was walking the dogs the other day and didn't realize I'd lost it until I got home. After retracing our entire route to no avail, I found it in the driveway, not 5 feet from the door.

  7. That happens to a runner at least once in their running career. Now you have it out of the way!

  8. The really good news is that the knee held up after all of this!

    I locked my keys and cell phone in the car once at 5am. I had to run home over 5mi to catch Annie before she left for work. Luckily I had a spare FOB at home. I just ran back to the car then -- good ten miler!

  9. Glad you found the key! And I probably would have had the same reaction to the honking.

  10. Good to hear that the knee held up!

    Funny story about the key, amazing that you found it on the trail!

    To this day before every run I still interlock my key in my shoe laces, that way I always know where it is, and I have no chance of losing it.

  11. 5.5 miles on a bum knee that just got MRI'd? You're making my knees hurt!!!

  12. Glad you found it!! Once I was running with a XC teammate and my cross came off my necklace. If it was just 'a cross' I wouldn't have cared that much, but I had this one since I was baptized at 2 weeks old. We retraced the ENTIRE lake and FOUND IT of course in the last like 30 feet we covered. Oyye. But I still have it!

  13. You got lucky! I'm glad everything worked out for you. The other day, Jenn's bike computer flew off her bike and sailed into the deep weeds. We stopped and were lucky enough to find it really quickly!

  14. That sucks and is funny at the same time, you are really lucky

  15. OR
    this was fate allowing you to run further than 30mins and feel okay???

  16. subliminally sneaking in mileage...i get it.

  17. Losing my car key is literally one of my biggest fears when I go running! I'm so glad you found it! AND, woohoo for feeling good on the run!

  18. hahaha! similarly - don't let me near zipcar "cards". I am a magician and make them disappear. just ask @jpow21. Funny story, glad you found 'em!


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