Friday, October 7, 2011

RanDUMB: Celebrity sightings and my biggest fan

Beyonce showed up at work yesterday. Where was I? In meetings. Except I walked RIGHT past her without noticing. A few weeks ago? Pele was here. Why was everyone walking around in their Blue Sky soccer kits holding Brazilian flags? Oh right......Pele. *facePalm*

My claim to fame? I shook Jessie Eisenberg's hand and gave him a presentation on how we groomed the birds of "Rio." (He was the voice of Blu, the main character and I did the feather groom)

I also met the mayor of Rio de Janeiro.

Lots of celebrities pour through here if they are doing vocal talent. Mostly they are out in LA recording, but sometimes they make a short visit. I can't tell you about some of them (which I would love to tell you!) but I'd rather keep my job, if you know what I mean! ;)

Speaking more of Rio, my biggest fan, my grandmother sent me this via the mail yesterday:
Thanks Grandma!

Always great to have that fan base and support!

And speaking of my job! We are hiring! Mostly entry level positions, but if you are in need of one, we are looking for an HR assistant, Recruiter Assistant, and Production assistant. Shoot me an email if curious/interested or seeking more info.

Perks? Free NEW YORK bagels on Monday, Fruit on Wednesdays, Donuts on Fridays, some celebrity sightings, and a huge wrap party with open bar to party your ass off every time we finish a movie.

Tough place, right? ;)


  1. I am sorry, did I see "Open Bar"? Where do I apply? :) haha.

    Soooo your grandma could NOT have sent that without an accompanying letter from your grandpa did she?

  2. That is so fun they put your photo in the flyer. Grandma definitely had bragging rights at movie night!

  3. Aw, that poster is really sweet! Hiring construction project managers? I can read drawings, develop schedules, write contracts, evaluate work in place, etc! VERY helpful with feathers and hair, too. I promise :)

  4. Ok so number 1. you much have the coolest job ever. 2. Going to have to buy Rio off of Direct tv rental thing just to see your fine work 3. your grandmother must be very proud and good with computer work to put your photo in the flier. Dang mine (who is 95 so she has a right not to know) has never owned a computer

  5. So do you guys insert subliminal porn into your films like the Disney pedophiliacs do? Just wondering, so I know who to blame when my daughter ends up working a pole or pregnant at seventeen, or--were she to end up in Louisiana--both simultaneously.

    Computer animating perverts...

  6. Plus, I had no idea Beyonce was Brazilian. Or does that just refer to her personal grooming habits? I really need to read more In Touch or People Magazine. I feel so out of touch with the real world of the important people whose lives actually matter.

  7. I always wonder if I would recognize celebs if I ever saw them. Probably not. I still think it's so rad that you had a major part in RIO. Nice work, Jon!

  8. Are you sure you don't need a librarian? :)

  9. Beyonce?!? And Pele?!? Awesome, haha

    Sounds like you have a good gig going!

  10. If you walked right past Beyonce, she must not be that good looking in real life. Can't say that I would recognize Pele myself.

    Tuesdays and Thursdays are open. How about an ice cream day and a home brew day?

  11. LOVE the flyer!! That is so cool.

    I wouldn't have noticed Beyonce either...Pele I wish I could say I would, but I bet I wouldn't either...

  12. Do your co workers act weird when famous people are around. I think I would be a total nut job if I saw anyone famous. lol.

  13. Can you send me the leftover NY bagels? I know there will never be any but if you would just say yes then I could feel better about it.....thanks.

    Love that g'ma put the pic in the flyer. That is awesome!

  14. i don't want no startin' pay. you need to negotiate more money for me. and an allergy friendly alternative to donuts and bagels...

    that was sweet of your grandma!


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