Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Totally Random Wednesday

I haven't done a Random Post in a loooooooooong time, and since Ironman training is starting to eat my brain, I figure I will verbally vomit out whatever comes to mind.

 - I ran 15.61 miles yesterday, making that my longest continuous run EVAR.
 - I did it in 2:15:00. The first 1:45:00 was easy. The last 30, my body switched to OUCH mode.
 - I seem to time my workouts perfectly around the rain. It was pouring out this morning! @ 11:30 it finally cleared up. It continued to pour only after I finished my run.
- It is supposed to rain forEVAR.
- I did my first Ice Bath in over a year. It was cooooooold. Thankfully I have awesome fellow bloggers who suggest good things. Laura @ Train, Tri, Tri, Again gave me a genius idea to drink something hot while freezing my butt off (literally)

No I did NOT pee in the tub!!! It is shadows from the ice, thank you very much!
- my poor knees. Yeah, I can run forever, but I can barely squat down and stand back up without needing arm support. Not good....I gotta get this looked at....
- I am going to Lake Placid this weekend for my first training camp. If I get a chance to swim the course, I will be swimming in an ice bath.
- I am a charter member of the League of Extraordinary Tri-Geeks. Basically I called Kevin @ IronmanByThirty Batman, and it blew up from there on Twitter. He wrote literally one of the FUNNIEST and most AWESOME posts EVAR. Read HERE
- My Movie, Rio, is about to break the $430,000,000 worldwide mark. Yes. That IS a lot of zeros!
- Twitter is literally eating my brain. Peace out Facebook! I am finding Twitter to be waaaaay better. You can follow me on Twitter HERE.
- In Triathlon Crime News: A Spanish doping ring involving amateur triathletes was broken up. THIS IS FOR REAL!!! This has nothing to do with my recent brushes with the Law such as THIS and THAT.

- Finally!, and this is VERY important, but our own Wonder Woman, aka, Mandy @ Caratunk Girl recently lost her beloved and super celebrity dog, Bailey. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE visit her blog or twitter and drop her some condolences. Bailey was THE MAN and we will all miss him!

We are all pulling for you Mandy!!!!


  1. icebaths are painful!!!! i have only taken 2 of them! and OUCH~! one time i drank a coffee with baileys in it! that helped a loT. haha also for ur next time, wear a hard. I found that helped.

    ps. i need another 'story' from u. feeling shitty about lots of things and need a police raid story about a GU junkie to cheer me up!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! How is the Tri Wars club shaping up?

    Nice work on the run! Longest run ever? By .11 miles?? Didn't you do a 25k (15.5) already?

    Awesome news on Rio! How many of those zeros do you get?

    Have fun in LP!

  3. Woohoo I can add some nerdyism. Research has shown that a cold water bath is just as effective as an ice bath, but is less painful. Thats the route I take.

    Your fast, even you easy is fast

    whats your bonus check for helping make rio have so many zeros

    Ya, ya, we know the truth, you just were lucky to not be in Spain at the time

    Have fun at the camp, interested to hear how a camp is run and if its worth it or not

  4. Mmmm, I love a nice ice bath. I always bring some hot drink with me, and I sued to blare music to keep my mind off the cold. AFter a whle I think you just get used to them, though!

  5. It does look like you peed in the tub - thanks for the clarification! :)

    Have fun this weekend!

    And yep, super big hugs to Mandy. :(

  6. Peeing in the tub to warm it up defeats the purpose! (yes, I saw the caption) Oh, and BDD is right. Cold water is enough.

  7. Ice baths suck!

    Congrats on the movie! What's next?

    Hugs to Mandy!

  8. I'm glad you're good with a camera, because if that picture was taken just a little different, this post would be a little more uncomfortable! Nice work on the run. That's a long ways and that's super fast too! Way to go.

  9. Thank you Jon, I need all the support I can get right now, I appreciate the shout out. And the text message. You are the best.

    Scout out LP for me, I am shooting for the June camp, I got a transfer.

    Also, I think you did pee in the tub.

  10. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We ain't buying the "Ice made it look like pee defense" (-:

    Dude, nice run and the knee thing is unavoidable. Going down stairs is the worst - old ladies will push you out of the way with their walkers!

    Ice baths are freaking awesome. I have been doing a few a week during peak training. You get to the point where it doesn't even bother you to sit down in it.

    HAve a great time at the camp!

  11. excellent run! ... I propose verbal vomit posts are now officially totally acceptable the rest of the way. Its the only way Im going to be able to post:) Did my first ice bath last night - wow
    congrats on Rio!


  12. At least in Lake Placid you can pee in your wetsuit to warm up... and it won't end up looking like your tub :)

  13. Have fun at LP! It'll be great to know what to expect come race day -- I wish I could do the same for Wisconsin.

    Also, I'm from Savannah -- so cool that you went to SCAD!


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