Monday, May 16, 2011


A LOT of you fellow bloggers were racing this past weekend. I mean, I think EVERONE raced. Don't believe me? Here is a run down:

Jill @ Simply Tri: American Zofinger (5 mile run, 84 mile bike, 15 mile run duathlon!)
Colleen @ IRONDIVA: Rev3 Half Ironman
Beal @ I'm the One They Call Beal: Cleveland Marathon
Matty-O @ Staying Strong and Positive: Cleveland Marathon
Emily @Sweat Once A Day: Kinetic Half Ironman
Aneta @ The Running Bucket: Mississauga Half Marathon
Kevin @ Ironman By Thirty: River Bank Run 25K (He is still a VIP)
(did I miss anyone? I'll add you....)

Nice job to you all! Some of you PR'ed. Some of you ran new distances. And some of you knocked out some super solid training.

As for me, this is a very non-racing season; I am just making up for it by doing the longest race of them all. :)

Which means that I am getting in a lot more solid training. Let's be honest. Racing is cool, but man oh man depending on the type of race it can really eat into the type of training that makes you fitter. This is why I am only doing 3 tri's this season.

I was able to knock out a 4.19/57.79/4.48 mile duathlon on Saturday then hit up another 2.5 hours on the bike on Sunday. Speaking of Sunday, it was kind of a gross day. It didn't really rain on me, its just the roads were so wet that it knocked down all of the crap off of the trees, which then got on me and my shiny white bike.

Red, White, And Blue America Baby!
Fortunately a hose can clean the crap off

Wow! Look at the chin wrinkles!...and the retro cap....

Tomorrow could wind up being my longest run EVAR with 2:15:00 on the docket. Supposed to rain which is a good thing considering most of my best runs have been in the rain.

Then it is basically full on recovery mode for this weekend. What is this weekend you ask? LAKE PLACID!!!! No no no, not the race, but my first training camp. This could be a record breaking week! Wish me luck!


  1. hey thnx for the shut out. i guess the weather is crappy everywhere!

  2. Crappy weather needs to Stop! UGH! Good luck with training camp!

  3. Man those roads really did dominate your shiny white bike. Nice hat! Keep up the good work.

  4. I couldn't tell if you had really hairy legs or just mud :)

    Good luck with training camp! Sounds cool!

  5. nice weekend of solid training (again:) !

  6. Thanks for the shout out!

    Nice to see your roadie getting some action. I have actually been meaning to ask you how you split your time between the two bikes? 50/50? More time on the P2? I'm doing most of my rides on P2, and then do my easier/recovery rides on the roadie to keep me from pushing too hard.

    Nice hat. Do I need to start calling you Dave Stoller now?

    Have fun in LP! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  7. Ah, cleaning the bike properly after a ride like that is never fun. Enjoy Lake Placid!

  8. This is turning into the season of non-racing, not for you reasons, but do lack of money, oh well.

    Am I one of the few that like spending 2 hours cleaning my bike?

  9. oh we're going to miss each other in LP by one week! BUMMER.

  10. Uhhhh that is exactly why I DONT RIDE IN THE RAIN. Even if you hose it you have to dry it off. then you have to grease the chain, make sure there is no residual on the wheels or the brakes... blah blah blah. too much work.

    I agree, not racing much this year either... smart training is where it is at man.

    Nice job, keep up the good work!

  11. that's some serious mud!!!
    Nice job on your training!


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