Friday, May 13, 2011

Aaaaaannnnnd, we are back!

Way to go Blogger! Thanks for eating it for the last 3 days. Do you know just how bored some of us got?

Do you how much going black made us realize just how much we need to get outside instead of staring at the computer screen all day long? Oh wait....we do go outside, A LOT. What?

Anyways, my coach gave me my latest installment and things on the training front are continuing to ramp up. What is on the docket?

Well last night was a 20 min all out Time Trial effort. I scored 261 watts over 20 mins, which gives me a new FTP of 235 watts. That gives me a 3.47 watt/kg ratio. Aka, I am stronger and lighter than this time last year on the bike. (as I should be!)

Saturday is a duathlon! A 35 min run, 3 hour bike, then another 35 min run.

Sundays is another 2.5 hours on the bike.

Monday is a "rest day" of just a swim.

Tuesday is a 2:15 run, which, depending on how I feel, could be the longest I ever run in my whole life.

This is actually less volume than last weekend, only the overall intensity will be higher. Remember, training load = time * intensity. Even though I am doing less time, with higher intensity will equal a larger load.

Quick post here. Nothing else going on too crazy other than this time next week I will be in Lake Placid BABY!!!!!...for my first training camp. Bring it!


  1. I've spent the outage time setting up a new location for my blog. Bye, bye Blogger! My last post still hasn't been restored either.

    Congrats on setting a new FTP! Stronger and lighter are good things.

  2. I think we have the only two post that are showing up. I am not going to jump the blogger shift and run to Wordpress just because my free service was down for 24 hours.

    Have fun at the training camp

  3. @BDD - Yes, most should be patient with a free service. I however am a tech guy with multiple web servers at my disposal. I've felt handcuffed by the Blogger interface for awhile so this was the little push I needed to make my move.

  4. Go Placid!! I'm so excited to get up there as well!

  5. Nice FTP test and excellent output. You keep getting stronger and strong dude - very inspiring!

    Glad I was working for most of the time Blogger was screwed up! It would have drove me nuts.

  6. Congrats on the faster/lighter! That's usually the goal. :) Have a fun training week - I'll be joining you in spirit on that Du and the ride the following day!

  7. I think it's pretty rad that you understand wattage and that kind of thing to make you a better athlete. Good luck with all your workouts!

  8. Awesome on the faster/lighter - you are freaking speedy.

    Yeah, I was a little frustrated at blogger's issues this weekend, but since it is free, and that isn't a common thing, I am not going to complain too much. :)


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