Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chateau Le Pain's Prix Fix Holiday Weekend Menu

Just got my latest training plan. I looked at the long weekend's activities and my jaw dropped. Makes last weekend @ Lake Placid look like a frosted cupcake. Speaking of food! I was on my 90 min recovery ride this morning and I was sorta hungry and thought of some fine French restaurant and then thought of the weekend again and combined the two into a fun way to describe just what I have to do.


Chateau Le Pain
Spring Prix Fix Menu

The Beat Down
4 succulent tastings of OUCH, each getting tastier after the next. Takes one hour to consume each.
Wine Pairing: Pino Ridiculous

Palate Cleanser
The Sole Sucker
110 minutes to prepare, only five to kill. Cooked over a brick. You will be running for the hills!
Wine Pairing: Chardonyouhavetobekiddingme

Prime Entree
The Leg Peeler
45 mins of slowly roasted leg of lamb
Wine Pairing: Cabernet Saveme

Second Entree
Beaten Beef
For this 2.5 hour eating experience, you will enjoy the fine qualites of tenderized filet of HEART. Served on a cheese wheel.
Wine Pairing: Barolo Rollmylegsout

Creme Brutal Souffle
16-18 samplings of Souffle. Takes between 8 and 9 minutes to consume each.
Wine Pairing: Moscato D' Feet Hurt


  1. Absolute GENIUS!!!

    You do way too much creative thinking on your bike! haha

  2. HAHA so did you record your thoughts? I always forget my clever puns and posts during workouts haha. Nice.

  3. Ha ha that is hilarious. Also, this week is painful for me as well! Are our coaches trying to kill us? ha ha

  4. Great post! Some of these foods sound way too familiar.

  5. This is hilarious Jon! Could I get a glass of '72 Pino Ridiculous! lmao!

  6. Ha ha..that was hilarious!!

  7. Nice work! You made me hungry and tired at the same time. That was funny!

  8. The best would be the attitude that the waiter would give you. The only thing that could save you would be to state "Jerry Lewis is a genius"

    BTW: I've eaten there.

  9. Now I want a cupcake...

  10. Funny stuff! It is funny how our minds wander on long rides. Nothing else to do but pedal and think.

  11. This is hilarious and proves that you can be creative while rocking a solid recovery ride.

    My only question is did you have a pen/paper with you? I would never remember all of these.

  12. hilarious and awesome! hahaha.


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