Monday, May 9, 2011

Am I Dreaming? Did I just do all of THAT?!?!?!

This past weekend marked the break from Half Ironman training into Full Ironman training. And there was no transition! I just jumped RIGHT into it!

On Saturday I knocked off 79.71 miles in 4:06:50 for a 19.38 mph avg. Um, I learned a valuable lesson on this ride. DONT GO TOO HARD IN THE FIRST HALF!!!!! (*cough* Lake Placid *cough*)

I did a 40 mile loop twice. My Ego-O-Meter shot up to an 11 out of 10 and I hammered it too much thinking, "Oh, I'll be THE MAN on the second loop." WRONG!!!! I positive split the 2nd loop by exactly 3 mins (not good) and thought my legs were going to fall off by the end. I started to dread the 45 min brick run that I had to do next.

Oh the carnage! 8 Gu's and 450 calories of Infinit got me through the ride.
I need to back up for a few and mention that the weather today was gorgeous on the bike! 70 degrees, dry, little wind, and clear and sunny. Puuuuuuuurfect. I should have charged admission to a couple of roadies who attached themselves for a free ride at various points during the ride. Its cool, I don't mind.

Now onto the run. Remember how I mentioned that my legs were going to fall off and that amputation might be the only remedy? Well, I started running and my legs felt PHENOMENAL!!!! Like I have NEVER EVER felt my legs feel SO good before! Here I am having just knocked off my longest ride in about two years thinking that I wasn't going to finish the bike to now I feel like I could sprint a marathon? Crazy!

Oh! And it gets better! Let me show you a formula:




Remember how I was saying the weather was perfect? Well it started to downpour on me very early into my run (yes, I timed out my ride perfectly!). Me + Running + Rain = A happy fast running me. My run turned into 5.75 miles in 45 mins flat for a 7:49 pace after an 80 mile ride.

BAM!!!! GET SOME!!!!

This was a big confidence boosting workout. Yes, I was dead by the end of the workout, but it really showed me that doing Lake Placid is a possibility. It also showed me that I better get used to UBER long bike rides and long days in general.

*Gonna nerd out here for a few regarding nutrition*
I downed 96 oz of liquids and 1,250 calories total for the ride and run. Breakfast was ~1000 calories. 2250 calories total taken in. I burned off 2,611 kj (calories) during the ride and between 518 and 575 calores on the run for a total burn of ~3140 calories, bringing me to about a ~900 calorie deficit. Good? Bad? I felt fine and in fact was not hungry for a full hour after the workout. But an hour later I was ravenous. I ate prolly 700+ during that meal. Then a few hours later I was ravenous again and had a fullfilling dinner of sushi, salad, and ice cream. I was good for the rest of the night after that.
*Done Nerding Out*

Sunday's workout was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay slower than Saturday's. The goal was to do an hour easy run followed by an easy 2 hour bike. Easy was not a choice, it was the ONLY thing my body was capable of doing! Ever felt like being stuck in 2nd gear? Yeah, that was me! My legs didn't hurt, they just had the energy sucked out of them.

In fact, after the 60 min run, the first 10 mins on the bike my body didn't feel right; my body just felt funny! haha! My butt hurt more sitting down than my legs I think. Wound up with 6.73 miles in 60 mins for an 8:54 pace followed by 33.56 miles in 120 mins for a 16.81 mph average. Yep! Waaaaaaaaay slower!

Overall for the weekend, I wound up with 113.27 miles on the bike, but only 12.48 miles run. No worries about the run. I have two hours of running on Tuesday! My coach has split up the long ride and run by a few days to allow proper recovery.

Good start for a first "Ironman" training weekend. I am sure I will look back at this weekend and say, "Oh how cute!"

Happy Training!


  1. I knew you could handle it! :)

    That is some seriously impressive numbers. What a great way to spend a gorgeous weekend.

    Nice of you to give out free rides. I have people latch on to me around here all the time. For the most part, I don't mind but there are one or two people in particular who are absolutely HORRIBLE at drafting. They don't slow down at stop signs or anything and it gets to the point where I just turn off down a dead end street and loop around so I can drop them.

    What kind of Infinit are you using? One of the stock mixes? Or a custom recipe?

  2. You need those slow days to let your body recover! you rocked it!

  3. Damn! I am so impressed by your long ride followed by your long run. That is great! Keep you the awesome work. I love the nerded out calorie counting. That helps me a lot.

  4. Awesome training weekend! what an effort...
    and just an incredible run after that long bike.
    Love the nerd out:)

  5. BOOM! awesome training weekend!

  6. nice stats.
    thats a lot of gus.

  7. Yikes! That's a lot of gu and a lot of time out there! Great job!!!

  8. Wow man, you said you made those feathers on the birds in Rio?! Why don't we get pretty clouds and crazy lightening bolts ;) haha.

    Great weekend, seriously insane numbers. I am afraid when we get to those bricks haha.

    As for the calories and food. I am not good at "balancing" my calories. I go based on a "how I feel" basis. I use infinit too (which is why i got the speedfil) and typically will eat on the bike in addition to that.

    After hard workouts I makes sure I get protein in my body PRONTO! then I chill for an hour or two and like you, turn into a ravenous person. I think you are pretty spot on with nutrition though, keep the carbs up too for some of that stored energy.

  9. Sounds like an awesome workout. Great ride and run!

  10. Can I borrow your legs on May 21st? Specifically the ones that thought they could "sprint" a marathon. I'll even pay shipping! :) Nicely done!

  11. What an awesome ride! 79 is a lot of miles, but the best part must have been rocking it on the run and feeling so good. That really does have to be a confidence booster.

    Thanks for the nerd out session, because it helped me see what my nutrition was on my 73 miler yesterday.

    Good work, and you're gonna rock on your training! Way to go!

  12. Great weekend Jon! You crushed it out there. Rain would be cool! Well done!

  13. I like running in the rain too!! great job this weekend!

  14. Love running in the rain...if it's not too cold! I also did a nice long 82 mile ride including Little Tor immediately followed by S. mtn. Road to The Orchards...the a mother nice steep ride up Eisenhower in N. Jersey. My legs were toast for my long run. What the hell? I'm not doing an IM! ;)

    That is a lot of GU...I'm almost afraid to ask how your GI tract handled it ;P

  15. Amazing Jon1 I love when workouts come together.

    I don't, however, know how you stomach that much gu! :)

  16. That is a HUGE weekend! Awesome job, you are going to dominate IM training!!

  17. That is a great weekend. Congrats on doing a fine fine job. I honestly think that IMLP will be great for you. Your going through your training with the proper mindset. You are fueling and handling this the way it should be and that is like it's a job and not just some throwaway event.

    Keep it up as you are providing me with a basis for example for my 140.6 next year.

  18. WOW..what a great training weekend for you! The pictures cracked me up! Ha ha!!
    You are doing so awesome...I'm jealous!!


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