Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stick a fork in me! I'm well done....

I wrapped up a really tough week of training. The gist of this week was simple: "recovering from Sunday."......that is without any recovery workouts. Yeah, it was a painful week of workouts! Last Sunday I did that 14 mile run with the uber fast 4 mile race included. That one workout shredded my legs and I was still paying for up until Thursday!

Finally by Friday my legs were fully recovered just in time for this weekend, which I just shredded my legs AGAIN! haha!

The weather has been getting consistently warmer, which meant I got outside yesterday on the bike for 2:15:00. This ride was more than a physical challenge, it was a gigantic mental Band-Aid. Usually my first long outside ride of the season is a torture-fest. This ride was NOT. This was a seamless transition from 6 weeks of indoor riding to the outside.

I had ZERO sit bone issues and the legs responded well when climbing hills, which is usually the toughest part. The only thing that sucked about the ride was @ 38 degrees and windy my feet were solid frozen chunks of concrete. Not sure if I have ever felt my feet that cold before!

After the ride I did a 30 min brick run. With totally frozen feet, it felt like I was running on stubs! There was ZERO feeling in my feet. Of course as they thawed out as I ran, that burning defrost feeling kicked in. Talk about PAINFUL!!! haha! Good run though, I knocked off 3.75 miles in 30 mins flat for an 8:00/mile pace.

Now this morning's run would be the telltale sign of how much I recovered through the week and if yesterdays ride and run did any damage; it didn't do much, fortunately, so I had a solid 90 min run this morning. Here is the Garmin data if you wanna check it out.

The run was broken up into 4 parts:
Run 30 mins @ HR 140-150 bpm
Run 30 mins @ HR 150-160 bpm
Run 20 mins @ HR 160-170 bpm
Run 10 mins cool down.

So it was not only run for 90 mins, but get faster as the run goes on. Here are my splits:
Split 1: 3.52 miles, 8:31 pace
Split 2: 3.73 miles, 8:02 pace
Split 3: 2.68 miles, 7:27 pace
Split 4: 1.13 miles, 8:51 pace
11.06 miles / 8:08 pace

The first 60 mins weren't too bad. I set my Garmin up to yell at me if I went under or above my prescribed zones. The 20 mins @ 160-170 bpm was tough. Not only was I getting tired, but I was really hitting the gas @ this point. My legs were SCREAMING @ me! When I hit the 10 min cool down, my legs were beat up putty. I felt like my bones had disintegrated!

So I have a feeling this is going to be another week of recovering from the weekend just in time to shatter myself next weekend. Hope you had a great weekend!

My dad sent me this. I thought it was pretty funny!


  1. I was going to ride outside today but still too much ice near my house. Back on the trainer instead...

  2. I hate riding and running with frozen feet! Great job this week.

  3. hurts so good! stellar training.

  4. You and BDD are nuts riding in those temps! You especially with the pretty indoor trainer (-:

    That is a solid run my man. I'd bet a lot of $$$ that you recover a hell of a lot quicker this week.

    Isn't that the life of the IM age group?

    Destroy self on weekend --> recovery with short workouts during week --> Destroy self on weekend --> repeat until "A" race --> Take time off and get fat --> find new "A" race --> Destroy self on weekend. A viscous cycle my friend!

  5. That cartoon rocks.

    That ride sounds cold. You and BDD are tough fellas.

    Solid run.

  6. I'm guessing you don't have shoe covers for when you are on the bike?? A cheap alternative is to wrap your your feet in plastic bags before you put on your shoes. The plastic does a great job of breaking the wind and an even better job of keeping your feet dry in the wet weather.

    Great run! Totally jealous of your outdoor ride though :)

  7. I totally feel you! I did a 2.5 hour ride yesterday too. 38 with a real feel of 29 + the wind gusts at 15-24 mph! Thank heavens for those toasty toes. Even still at the end my feet were cold!

  8. I feel you about that wind, it sure made it feel colder then the tempature said. You are right, first ride outdoors is usually a torture fest, I was fine in the lungs, but I struggled on the hills and my teammates wanted to ride 20 mph +, which not being on your bike since my last tri, lets just say, I got dropped like a bad habit, so trainer fit and out door are 2 totally different animals, this is proabably one of the things I hate most about being up north, I have to get outdoor fit all over again every spring

  9. I don't care what people say... I LIKE MY TRAINER!

    Something about playing my video games I am sure has A LOT to do with it.

    Great job on the workouts. I wish I could trash my legs. Soon. I hope.

  10. Love the cartoon!

    Great job getting out there. I'm just not that brave in the cold...


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