Friday, February 25, 2011

FlashBack Friday: Long term swim progress; Um, I have made SOME progress!

I had a killer swim tonight! I did a 9 x 200 descending 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 main set that I held on 3:30 going anywhere from 3:10 as the slowest to 2:58 as the fastest. So 1800 yards of pure beat down! I rounded out the night with 3000 yards.

What F-ing language am I speaking?

Because three years ago, I woulda looked at anyone speaking to me that way and said,
"ooooooookaaaaaayyyy? In English?!?!?"

Well! 3 years ago this is the swim workout that I did:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

swam a mile tonight

what the subject said. and I swallowed a mouth full of water on the last lap, dang! haha

so yeah, 72 laps, which is 1.0227272727272727272727272727273 miles, sorry.

i felt like i could keep going, but i needed to stop to save energy for tomorrow night, which will be 40 -60 mins on teh bike (using correct heart rate zones!) and then a 25 min non stop run.

Its supposed to snow/sleet all day tomorrow (come on! get warm!) but sunday is supposed to be around 40 and sunny. Hopefully the roads will be all better by then so i can get in ~48 miles.


Not too many details, but I swam my first mile swim since I was probably 12 years old that night. And I betcha it took me a full hour to swim that mile! Oh, and when I wrote "laps" I really meant "lengths." A few nights prior I wrote this:

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

swim and week 6.2 run

Didnt want to kill myself 2nite with the swim, as I am going to try for a mile on thursday. So I did 50 laps in 45 mins. Im getting there but I am noticing that my form is not really that great. Funny how the more you swim the more you concentrate on your form....duh!

Wow! Again! When I wrote "laps," I meant "lengths." I wasn't up on the swimming jargon yet back then. So it took me 45 mins to swim 50 lengths, aka 1250 yards. That is an average pace of 3:36/100! Now! I didn't swim it straight. It was most likely well broken up, but still! That is sloooooooooow. In comparison, I dropped a 14:48 1000 yard TT in the pool three weeks ago.

So I guess the whole point of this post is it is ok and fun to look waaaaay back at your early days in this sport and laugh at yourself and know that progress can always be made! I am basically swimming 3X faster now than I was 3 years ago.

Where were you three years ago and how fast were you?

I was that fast listed above and about 30 pounds heavier.


  1. That is awesome. I keep meaning to go back and look at my first post but this much I can tell you. My first tri was a pool swim and I essentially walked the last 50 yards of the swim....that is a big change from then to now.

  2. I love the part how you didn't want to burn yourself out for the 45min bike and 25min run .... hahahha. Newbs are so much fun!

    My wife is going through this now with the swim jargon. We are at master's classes yelling out sets and it is like we are speaking a different language to her. I was there a couple years ago so I try to explain it - "This is a 25meter pool, you swim this length 4x and that is 100meters. Now you want to do each 25meter length faster than the last, this is called a build." She is looking at me like I am speaking Latvian.

    It is fun to look back at where you were to appreciate where you are. A few months back I was reading one of my posts when I did a 5k under 30mins without walking - you could feel the pride in the text. So funny, but at the time it was a big deal!

  3. Wow, that is just awesome how far you've come with your swimming! Nice job!!
    Let's see, 3 years ago I had just signed up for my first HIM and was just getting into the training. This year, I signed up for my first Ironman! Woohoo!

  4. 3 years ago I had just started triathlon, but had been swimming for a while. My pace was about 2:00/100 m and could maintain that for quite a while. Lots quicker now. Biking and running was short and slow. I'm still baffled by some of the swim jargon. I just swim. Some fast and hard, some slow and easy, some drill.

  5. So funny. 3 years ago I was thinking about signing up for my first tri and thought about maybe swimming before.

  6. Jeff- Maybe Latvian would work better with Annie. According to Google Translate, it translates to, "Tas ir 25meter baseins, jūs protat peldēt šā garuma 4x un tas ir 100meters. Tagad jūs vēlaties darīt katru 25meter garums ātrāk nekā pēdējā, to sauc par būvēt." It is worth a try.

    3 years ago I wasn't even officially in this sport. I was probably just starting to head to the pool wearing baggy board shorts and swimming without goggles. I didn't start keeping good records until the summer of 2008.

  7. Huge High Five on the progress and also the weight loss
    so great
    The swimming is currently the most fun for me to reflect as it was just a year ago I started in the pool.
    Everyone and your blogs with regard to swimming has helped me a TON!! :)



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