Monday, February 21, 2011

Overcoming Frustration: Ups and Downs

There is nothing more frustrating then, well, FRUSTRATION!

I had a really tough week with a lot of Ups and Downs. But! I accomplished everything that I need to get done, it was just frustrating to get it done. I guess that makes me feel more accomplished? Where do I start?

Let's go with a list with a DOWN, followed by an UP.

DOWN: Last Sunday I thought I would never walk again after a super hard run
UP: Monday my legs felt fine?
DOWN: Monday I was getting sick. It was in my chest and moving up to my throat
UP: Did a 500 yard TT in the pool and finished with a 7:16, 14 seconds faster than 10 or 12 weeks prior.
DOWN: Tuesday I got a flat rear tire on the trainer. Must have been an old tube as the puncture was on the tire side.
UP: Followed it with a good run, despite thinking I would never walk again two days prior.
DOWN: Had two meetings dropped on me on Wednesday that killed my time to swim.
UP: Had an even better run on Wednesday with some decent speed.
DOWN:More meetings killed an outdoor bike ride (it was in the low 50's out!)
Double DOWN: My Thurs PM swim suuuuuuuuuuucked.
UP: My Friday AM OUTDOOR RIDE was PHENOMENAL! My old cycling legs have made a comeback finally
DOWN: My PowerTap hub went on the fritz
UP: My PowerTap hub went into rockstar mode....aka I was pushing 300+ watts on the flats without breaking a sweat? Unless I got injected with 'roids, my hub was fried. Cool to see that wattage though!
double UP: I fixed the hub's issues with new batteries, torque zeroing and a new battery for the cycling computer head unit.
DOWN: Was driving into Manhattan and got hit (sorta sideswiped) by some jerk who thought it would be cool to just come into my lane and THEN flee the scene! Thanks!
The big black is just most of the dirt wiped away from the hit....I gotta wash my car!
UP: It sounded and felt a lot worse than it really was. He left me two 6 inch scratches, no dents(how is that possible?)....still a pain to fix, but at least the car doesn't look like a beater. I am REALLY shocked at how little damage there was! I could prolly fix it with a sharpie marker if I really had to. Still, that guy was a JERK!
double UP: Met up with my sister in The City and ate at S'MAC, a freaking AWESOME mac & cheese place. I got plain old with hotdogs mixed in it. Throw in some ketchup and I am 5 years old again!
DOWN: The 60 degrees of Friday turned into high 30's and SUPER windy on Saturday, killing any chance of a long outdoor ride.
UP: Still had a successful outdoor 90 min run, going 11 miles for an 8:11 pace. I felt like shit the entire way and the wind and crazy-where-the-heck-did-you-come-from-snow didn't help, but I felt accomplished considering the circumstances.
DOWN: The wind never died down and it got even colder on Sunday, again, killing any chance of an outdoor ride
Double DOWN: My compuTrainer went on the fritz and I wasn't able to ride the Lake Placid course like I had planned.
UP: Fortunately "Avatar" is roughly 2.5 hours, so a quick substitute was made and I had a good ride. NO sit bone issues and my legs felt the best all season. Certain wattage is getting easier to hit!
double UP: Killed my 30 min run and did 4 miles, despite sandbagging the last mile. Saw some 7:2X splits.

Here are the week's totals:
Swim: 8100 yards
Bike: 92.64 miles
Run: 32.3 miles
13 total hours

7 weeks exactly till the 70.3 down in Galveston. My run is there and I am exited for it to get even better. My swim is there, and like the run, am excited to see it get honed. BUT! I am getting worried about the bike. I had a good outdoor ride last weekend and that good outdoor ride on Friday, but I really need get out longer outside at least 5 times between now and then. I know my bike can improve a lot more, but I am really limited by the trainer. I just does NOT replace the outdoors, no matter how hard you try.

Hope you had a good weekend!


  1. Sounds like training. You break it down and just build it back up bigger and better.

  2. All about handling the downs and maximizing the ups right man?

    I am with you on Galveston, my swim and run are pretty close - Bike needs some more work. The endurance is there for the ride just lacking on the speed so far. I think I am going to do it at IM pace anyways (65% FTP).

  3. Thats a tough time of year to have a race - hard to get the necessary outdoor workouts in. Sounds like your training is spot on though, you're sounding strong and those are some impressive numbers! wow! Keep it up!

    I laughed at your long run soreness. After my long run I feel so sore and contemplate adjusting my schedule to recover the next day. Then the next day comes and I feel perfectly fine. Go figure! lol I love it!

  4. Great job! Sorry about the jerk and the car. That is just not cool.

  5. Haha, funny, I was happy and sad as I kept reading. Really threw me through a bunch of emotions there!

    Glad you are feeling good with your volume.

    I think you are going to feel GREAT at the finish of the 70.3

    UP UP UP!

  6. There are always ups and downs, but hopefully the ups outweigh the downs. That is some impressive weekly mileage - you're set for your 70.3!

  7. Well, way to ride the ups and downs...they happen. Glad you were not hurt in the sideswipe.

    I bet you do awesome in Galveston. I hear you on needing outside bike mileage and being limited by the trainer. But training with power will help you. You rock.

  8. your up's way outweight the downs

    even with the sideswipe and computrainer issue

    i think ur training is going awesome and your run is spot on


    torque zeroing???????!!!!

    oh yea

  9. That is a lot of ups and downs. I hope there were a few consecutive ups in there and not the roller coaster.

    Would love to see you in Galveston but I think we will be on a recovery weekend then.

  10. I'm sort of disappointed. I would have thought a numbers nerd like you would have somehow assigned numerical values to the ups and downs and included some sort of fancy-pants graph. :) haha

    You gotta have the downs to have the ups though so it is good that you can see both sides of the equation.

    "photo-bombing" = phrase of the day. love it!

  11. I swear something was in the water last week, everyone had a down week, at least you were able to look and record the good things, I am sure I had good things, I just remembered the bad

  12. I love that you are able to find an up for every down. I need to learn to do that because I drive myself nuts with frustration over little things.

    And that mac sound awesome!

  13. Great job looking for the positives for the rough week you had. I am doing the sprint in Galveston. I don't feel good about the run, swim, or bike! Guess I have some work to do.


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