Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BACON! If Bacon was a God...

I'd be a Baconist.

Roasted Red Potatoes with strips of bacon and three loose-yolk fried eggs done in bacon grease. A ruby red grapefruit on the side.

THIS is a breakfast!

Have a good one!


  1. How is this healthy? weren't you on a health kick or cleanse? Jealous... very.

  2. I don't know what you're talking about. Bacon IS god.

  3. Oh sweet bacon-jesus...

    I say eat anything you want in the morning (especially after a morning workout!) - you'll burn it off throughout the day somewhere.

    I hope you put a little frank's red hot on that. I put that s**t on everything.

  4. well I had the grapefruit today. I sure wish I would have had the rest.

  5. wow. In just this one sitting - you just erased all that hard work on your cleanse earlier this year lol j/k

    i love bacon.
    I cant eat eggs. they make me sick. allergies or something perhaps? I dunno

  6. Others see unhealthy, I see the perfect blend of carbs, protein and fats that every endurance athlete needs. the breakfast of champions!

  7. p.s. .... however, you really should be using turkey bacon (-:

  8. Looks delicious!

    I used to hate grapefruit but have found a new love for it. Well, except for have to cut the slices. I swear it takes more time to prep than to eat.

  9. looks sooooooooooo good

    speaking of bacon
    for VDay my wife got me some sort of non dairy gluten free fake chocolate that was bacon based.

    it was actually reallly good
    proving the point that put bacon in it and it becomes great

  10. You had me until you tossed on the loose yolk eggs. If there were over hard, I'd be with you the whole way!

    And here I thought bacon was its own major food group!


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