Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Whats on the menu? HILLS!

In anticipation of the monster hills of Mooseman, I have gone into full-on hill training mode. Tonight I did a 30 mile ride that had a little bit of everything: fast flats, and HILLS. There is a hill on one of my TT courses that is 0.35 miles long, but has a really nice consistent 8% grade, so its steep and it will make you work! I hit that sucker 5 times after a 10 mile warm up, then did another 15 miles of smooth time trialing, trying to hold about 23 mph on the flats. It was a hard ride, but man, I felt SO accomplished!

The 5 intervals shown in watts, cadence, speed, and torque. I was pretty consistent!

I sat down for hill intervals 1-4 trying to maintain a smooth cadence while not spiking my wattage over 300. I felt smooth, yet I could feel the burn and I was breathing hard by the end. For #5, I let it loose and put it into the 23 tooth cog and stood up for most of it. Notice the yellow wattage spike is a bit bigger?

To put this hill into perspective (Regina, listen up!), this hill is 0.35 miles long. Mooseman's big hill is 3.5 miles long. I would have to do this a total of 10X to simulate the beast of a hill @ Mooseman. Oh, it gets better! This is just for round 1. Add another 10X up this sucker and there is round #2 @ Mooseman! Basically, its all about getting into that easiest climbing gear and maintaining composure and gritting out the climb.

I also haven't done a post about a swim in a loooooooong time. After New Orleans I went into "blah" mode in the pool and subsequently lost all of my speed in the water. Today's swim workout wasn't anywhere near Earth shattering, but it was a good effort at least:

500 WU
4 x 200 (averaged 3:25 for each)
4 x 25 EZ
50 sprint
4 x 25 EZ
50 sprint
100 EZ
900 straight (14:50/ 1:39 pace)
50 Warmdown
2650 total

The 4 x 200 was soooo frustrating! I used to belt out a 3:15/200 without blinking, and in the 3:07 range for a fast 200. Today it was like scraping nails on a chalkboard to get that 3:25 (1:43 pace). I made up for it though. After sprint sets and a 100 yard recovery, I did 900 yards straight and finished with a 14:50 for a 1:39 pace. So I finished a heck of a lot stronger than I started. Phew! Still a lot of work left to do in the pool in the next 5 weeks to get that speed back...

Now just give me a smooth water OWS in a race and I'll be happy since I am seeking revenge on that New Orleans swim!


  1. i dont know what any of that means! hahah but good job! :)

  2. Wow = great 30 miler...I now feel even more overwhelmed with what I don't know about biking !!!

  3. Awesome workout.
    You tri atheletes are nuts ;-)

  4. Geez, how the heck did you get to 170 rpm on the cadence!!! wow, that is freaking impressive.

  5. Awesome ride! Doesn't it feel so great to get those in? And your swim blahs will go away and speed will return. Happy Training!

  6. Great job on your ride! I think you are very smart to train on hills! It will definitely help you at Mooseman!

    And, I know what you mean about swimming. If I go more than 4 days without swimming I lose so much fitness it's insane! Blah!

  7. Trust me, I am paying attention! Only at the moment I am so sick I can't do anything. ugh.

    I am dying to get out and do some hills just across the river in NJ. There is one that is a mile long at 7%, at least good for going the long haul.


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